Jackie Searies

  • Oakford
  • Dog Groomer, Equine Bowen Practitioner
  • 40+
  • June 2011
Jackie Series

My Goals

When I first came to Round One, I was looking to lose the weight I had slowly gained over the course of a few years. I had always been an athletic person through my teens and 20’s, but as is the more than common story, as I got older, my exercise slowed down until it was nil. Too tired, can’t be bothered, too busy etc etc, were the excuses until I realised I had put on about 11 kilos. While I recognised I wasn’t obese, I certainly wasn’t happy with myself and wasn’t comfortable at all. I felt old and weak. I went in search of a gym that I would love going to enough to stick at it, because I didn’t want to feel like I was dragging myself to go, but that I was happy to go. I tried 4 gyms in my area until someone told me about Round One. I was hooked from my very first class! Not only have I lost the weight I had put on, but I feel STRONG! I no longer feel old and sloppy. I feel fit and young again. My goals have changed from wanting to simply lose weight to now wanting to be the fittest and strongest I can be. I am starting to love the muscle definition that Round One has given me. At first I was a bit unsure because I was listening to people who had never stepped into a gym in their lives, but now I love it. At the encouragement of another member (thanks Rebecca Harris) I have listed some small 3 months goals that include things like 5 continous handstand push ups, bench press body weight and 5 toes to bar amongst others. I am starting to realise the importance of goal setting. I am currently putting together a list of 6 month and 12 month goals.


I try to get to Round One 6 days a week with Saturday being my only day off. Sundays is usually 8.15 and Fridays is  7am  and I try for the TANKS at 4pm on Wednesdays,but apart from that, I just get there when I can and work around my kids and husband schedules.  I try to have 2 weights sessions within those 6 days.

First Class

I remember my first class really well .I was at work and was determined to make the 1 o’clock class on a Friday. I finished work in time but nearly backed out because I was so nervous going by myself.  I had a shoulder injury from one of the other gyms I had tried and was one step away from using that as an excuse not to go, but told myself I was being silly and to just do it! When I turned up there was this muscly fit looking guy behind the counter (Mike) that had quite obviously just done a class and looked like he had been through the wringer. I thought “if he looks like that, what the hell am I going to look like?!” I mumbled something about not being here before and he took my money and made me sign my life away. All the while I was one step away from running out the doorlike a scared rabbit! Once the class started I was in my element! Nothing like being able to punch the crap out of something and get all your frustrations out! I was hooked! I soon realised that there was much more to Round One than punching a bag though and I that’s why I love it!

Most memorable class

Most memorable class apart from all the TANKS classes (every one of them is memorable) was a Bodywork on a Friday morning a couple of months ago. It was 8 minutes rounds and the first 8 minutes was on bike which was memorable all by itself! We worked with a partner in this particular class and I was partnered with Karz. It involved rounds of one person doing a weights circuit and one doing pushups for a minute then swap for a round of 8 minutes, one person punching and one bobsled for a minute then swap for a round of 8 minutes and one punching with the other running a lap of the gym then swap all for 8 minutes. Apart from the fact that it was the first time I really thought I was going to vomit, I remember on the last round we had about a minute to go and we were exhausted. Mike was standing over me trying to push me to get back before the bell went so Karz would have to go again with the bobsled. I was looking at Karz who was just as ruined as I was and thinking “either work hard and make Karz go again and risk vomiting, or slow down and cop Mikes wrath” Well, I put head down and bum up and both Karz and I survived! Although we did name that particular session “Death by Bodywork”.

Favourite exercise

I don’t really have a particular favourite as such because I do pretty much like all of it, but I do love the rings, whether it be pushups, fence pulls or even dips. I think its because I feel strong doing them.

Most hated exercise

I have recently discovered a big weakness of mine is the cross trainer. Won’t say I dislike it but definitely a weak area. Not fond of Kettlebells either for the same reason. I feel very unco with Kettlebells.

Advice to share

The only advice I can give anyone is never to think you “can’t” do something. “Can’t” is what your head tells you when it doesn’t “want” you to do something.  I am trying to rid the word “can’t” out of my vocabulary.  “Oh crap” is still there but “can’t” is slowly going! Just get out there and give it a go no matter what it is!