Ian Burgess

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  • Operations Supervisor
  • 40+
  • March 2011
Jasmin 2

My Goals

I am married to the most wonderful lady and we have two beautiful children. Apart from annoying people at Round 1 I like to surf. I have just been through my mid-life crisis which saw me buy my first skate board. If you meant 'training goals!', well I am currently focused on next year’s Tough Mudder Challenge. Apart from that I simply want to maintain a healthy level of fitness so that I can enjoy life to the fullest.


Because I’m a shift worker the classes I attend are a little all over the place. I try to be at the gym 5 to 6 times a week and also like varying my class times so that I get to train with a variety of people. That way the same people aren’t being annoyed by me all the time. Share the love.

First Class

It was a Saturday beginner’s class with Jason. I don’t remember a lot about the structure of the class (probably had a few wall sits) except the uncontrollable shacking after doing the bridge for about 20 seconds.

Most memorable class

Friday April 20, 2012 at 7pm - 'Anything Goes' Body Work for a double signature in the April Challenge. It was memorable for two reasons: 1/.By a mile the hardest class I have ever participated in. 2/. There are certain people I love training with because of their positive attitude and commitment to working hard. Most of those people were in this class making it a very positive and memorable environment.

Favourite exercise

There are 2: 1/ The bridge because it takes a lot of mental strength and I am mental. 2/ Muscle ups because I can’t do them. Strange hey! One day.

Most hated exercise

Burpees, No explanation required, everybody understands.

Advice to share

Train hard, smile, be friendly, give positive encourage to other people, and most importantly have a good time. Also don’t be shy to come and say hello, I am always up for a chat, especially when we are supposed to be doing burpees.