George Limmer

  • Banjup
  • Retired Flower Grower
  • 65+
  • 2010
George Limmer

My Goals

My goal is to be  as fit and strong as I can for as long as I can, as well as try and move a few kilos.  I have been attending gyms for 40+ years and have never enjoyed any as much as I do R1, A big thanks to Michael and staff for all your help and support.


I train with my wife of 48 years Carol and have found a place in the 9.15am class on Mon, Wed and Fi.  The people we train with make us feel right at home and makes training a lot more enjoyable. Being one of the older members it dosnt seem to cut much slack with the trainers as my name seems to come up for extra burpees quite often for what seems like no reason at all.

First Class

My first class was not long after R1 had opened and our daughter Kerri had become a member.  She came home and raved about the gym being great so we headed along - soon after Carol and I both joined as well and we had three generations of our family attending, myself and Carol, Kerri and her two daughters as well.

Most memorable class

Best class would have to be the Tanks class after I won a ten pass to do Tanks.  Doing a class with a max of eight people and being pushed to your limit seemed to get the best out of me and I knew I have had a good workout. The class just seemed to be full on till the end.

Favourite exercise

My favourite exercise would be anything that does not include pullups, I enjoy Kettlebells and the Bike as long as it is not at 100kph.  I have been playing with the gold kettle bells (editors note - yep, the 48kg ones!!!) doing the Farmers Walk each time before class to get (what Mike calls) 'my Chilli Hot'.

Most hated exercise

The thing I hate most are Pullups and its not for the lack of trying but all the pulling in the world cant get my feet more than inches off the ground. Not that I am saying I have given up but it's just not happening.

Advice to share

My advice is to keep turning up and don’t be shy in asking the trainers advice,  make your gym sessions  a priority in your life as much as healthy eating.  Having my right knee and my left hip replaced in the last two years has slowed my intensity down somewhat but that’s life and you just have to keep doing the best you can.  Working out in the gym right up to the operation certainly helped for a quicker recovery.