Genevieve or Viv

  • 40+
  • Dec 2010

My Goals

The most important thing for me is being a healthy role model for my three kids.  After that it really is all about me J  I train for improved fitness, endurance, lower body fat % and increase tone (plus there’s the social aspect!)


I try to train in the mornings as I find the longer I leave it, the less likely I am to go!  Although I do train occasionally at night if I really am craving that ‘fix’

First Class

I thought I was relatively fit going into my first class....uummm....yeah..... Soon found out maybe I had a way to go but I feel I’m getting there!

Most memorable class

After having a two week break due to work commitments and coming back to a Tues night class that let’s just say was military in style

Favourite exercise

I love all the weight based exercise plus any of the bag work as I feel I’m really accomplishing something plus getting rid of tension.

Most hated exercise

I absolutely hate the bikes – to the point of I find myself chanting “please no bikes please no bikes” all the way to the gym!  I know it’s only cheating myself but my one cheat is what I’m sure most people can relate soon as you look away Michael pretty much we all slow down :)

Advice to share

I’m a firm believer that you get out of Round One what you put in – you never know what you are capable of until you try.  I thought I would never be able to do ‘boy’ push ups or last 2 mins doing a medicine ball bridge – but I finally can and look forward to the next long as it’s not the bike......