Felicity Thompson (Flick)

  • South Lake
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  • 25-30
  • January 2014
Flick Part 2

My Goals

I’ve been ultra-inspired by the trainers/members that did the Riverside Jam so I’d love to do something like that one day, I’ve also been doing the 12km City to Surf for the last few years so I’m looking forward to pushing for the 21km this year.


I like to train at 7pm during the week but I vary on the weekends, It’s the thing I do for myself so I enjoy pumping out a session after work.

First Class

My first session was a Thursday (One Minute Rounds!).  There was so much variety and everyone was so lovely I knew I would definitely be back.

Most memorable class

No single class, but the 6pm Friday night boxing sessions are always a stand out.  I like to think you have to be dedicated to get to the gym on Friday after work, and the 6pm classes are always filled with lots of 'interesting' challenges - a great way to end the working week.

Favourite exercise

Multi jumps are my favourite - mainly because it took me quite a while to get them right & now I’m always pumped to get some done.

Most hated exercise

Apparently Burpees are one of the best exercises but they kick me every time.

Advice to share

For me training is the fun part I very rarely have to talk myself into heading to a session. Diet tends to be the killer you need to set yourself up for the best possible chance of achiving your goals and for me that means prepping all my meals a week in advance, everything is measured and packed the day before so there are no last minute unhealthy food grabs throwing me off.