Emily Baldwin

  • Atwell
  • Owner of Snips and Clips Dog Grooming
  • January 2012
Emily Baldwin

My Goals

My life changed when I had my daughter Chloe’ in 2004 she to this day is the most beautiful caring child anyone could want I then married my husband in 2009 and finally after years of trying with the awesome technology of IVF we had our little cheeky son Charlie in December 2010. During my pregnancy I completed a dog grooming course, my husband and I started our business in September 2010 and have never looked back. I love what I do every single day & are very pleased to have a successful growing business. I’ve never been one to stick to exercise or a diet until around October 2011 since then I’ve lost 21kg and now nearly at my goal weight. I have many goals so here are a few: To be at my goal weight, be able to do chin ups, be able to double skip, be able to overcome my random fear of box jumps, be able to bridge for 2+ minutes one day join in the tanks crew- would love to lift weights like they do! Complete my first Tough Mudder in Sydney September 2012 &  continue to exercise so I can live a healthy and positive life with my family.


Started off with 2 of the beginner’s classes then within week’s I was doing 4 class’s a week at 8pm. Now I usually make 7pm and the 8pm class’s Monday-Thursday, 6pm Friday’s and if I can fit a  weekend class in I come down to. I also like to  jog outside of R1 and continue some weight training 4-5 times a week- people often think I’m nuts but I don’t see it as something I have to do I truly enjoy what I can achieve. I do double class’s as Body Work is different to Boxing For Fitness I enjoy both class’s and benefit from them.

First Class

From memory a Tuesday 8pm class with what I remember Michael & Jason- it was packed no doubt lots of new years resolutions. I had no idea what I was doing as I could barely hear with everyone talking, but I just kept on going I was to scared to stop. I could barely walk the next few days hahaha.

Most memorable class

I had a bad day and I wasn’t in the mood to have anyone in my face. I am pretty sure Michael remembers this one as he kept on digging and digging at me until I was doing dips and he kept saying extend your legs… Come on Em, EXTEND YOUR LEGS. I stood up, cracked it and balled my eyes out, a day later I ended up with gastro for 5 days so I’m sure he was thinking I wasn’t going to return. But I picked myself back up and got on with it.

Favourite exercise

I’ve grown to like squats- in my mind I say ‘better legs’ so I tend to do squats as my daily routine now. I also love to jog outside of R1 as it’s my time alone with no one else there.

Most hated exercise

Most hated exercise for me is the spin bike, no matter how much I use it I still hate it as much as the first day I sat on one. The seat is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve sat on which doesn’t help, I’m in pain as soon as the first peddle spins around, need I say more! Well cheating is pretty easy to do especially sitting at the back hahaha, but I generally do the pace they say and just do what I can.

Advice to share

I think the first time in my life I actually love to exercise this is thanks to Round 1, I found doing the same thing over and over at the gym was so boring I also didn’t know how to use most of the equipment and felt intimidated walking to the weight area with all the muscle men. At Round 1 not only are every class different they are fun, challenging and you also have the trainers there to help you I now know how to use weights and feel confident walking into the weight area.