Elise Bevan

  • Piara Waters
  • Make-up Artist
  • 25-30
  • 2011
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My Goals

Getting my fitness back after having 2 kids is so hard, I can’t use my abs at all and my strength in my arms is non-existent. I’m literally back to the start with my training but I need the time for my body to heal. It’s a long and slow road but I will get there with a little help. I’ll be back running long distances and 21km half marathons in no time!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…and the occasional Thursday if I can get there. 8pm class because that’s when the kids are in bed and hubby is home! I’ve done PT with Lloyd as well when I’ve felt like some extra training or self inflicted torture! No pain no gain! I can hear the evil laugh from Lloyd already!

First Class

It was a 1-minute rounds class. I was dragged along by my lovely neighbour, after having my first daughter, and thinking to myself how hard can boxing be? I’ve been running for a while it can’t be that hard? Well…. It’s fair to say I had my fair share of ‘jaw dropping moments’. I’m pretty sure if Lloyd hadn’t given me some words of encouragement I might have felt a lot more defeated. It was one of those chaotic classes where you struggle to get your gloves on and off, do the awkward picking up of all of your belongings, dropping half of them and then scrambling to the next station in time, before the inevitable bell would ring. I remember looking around the room thinking “you can’t be serious, what the hell is that bloke doing?”  Feeling completely overwhelmed and unfit, I dragged myself back the next week and eventually got over the awkward embarrassment of struggling at every station. I still loved it and looked forward to going. I’m glad I stuck it out because I normally am pretty quick to give up if it’s all too hard, so thank you for the variety and diversity this gym provides to “struggling first timers!”& to those who still might be in that initial shock phase!

Most memorable class

Would have to be the transition from a ‘beginners class’ to a ‘boxing for fitness’ class. It was incredibly daunting, I was full of fear and again had this gut feeling I’d be horrible at it. I rocked up not reckonizing a lot of faces, and just got stuck into it. I remember the first lap and the rest was a blur. Burpees at every bell, tabata punching, kettle bells (self inflicted torture with the strangest piece of gym equipment I’d ever seen) and of course squats. Ughh it was bad, but It was the best workout id had in a long time. I was pushed to my limit, and felt so much better about it. I struggled at points but it’s just one of those things, if you want to go to the next level you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone and go for it.

Favourite exercise

Hmmm … what a tough choice, I really can’t choose between burpees or bin runs...NOT! Pretty sure I’m going to get a lot of them now! Let’s just say i’d prefer a class full of skipping!

Most hated exercise

Kettlebells.  I don’t like them at all. Swings, press, thrusters, squats, it’s all bad and it hurts… a lot. You can’t cheat unless you pick up a pink one or one of the new mint green ones! Pretty sure you will get spotted fairly quickly swinging it around though. You know what they say, practice, practice, practice! I’m still horrible at it 3 years later, but I’ll give it credit for getting rid of the nanna arms!

Advice to share

While I was pregnant all I wanted to do was be back at the gym and now I’m not all I want to do is sit home and eat cake! Ha ha After having so much time off from the gym, I found it so hard to get back into the regular swing of things. Thinking my body would just let me do 5 burpees or situps was not realistic (recovery from a c-section takes a lot longer than I expected). I’ve spent so many classes thinking to myself… “It’s going to take me forever to get my fitness back”. Beating myself up over it is not an option. Don’t feel defeated because I guarantee you if you pick your head up and look around there’s a lot of people thinking the same thing!  Eventually I will, but not straight away. I’m getting better every class, you just have to stick to it and challenge yourself. Pick up the heavier weights, don’t be lazy and finish those 5 horrible burpees and keep going (better that than if you get caught and the punishment is worse!). The pain is temporary but the results will show. Trust me I have plenty of embarrassing gym stories so if you feel like a laugh come find me! Being a mum of 2, everyday is different and I’m no stranger to a bad day!