David Macfarlane

  • Success
  • Clinical Nurse Manager After Hours ( Shift work Afternoons, Nights and Weekends)
  • 30-35
  • September 2013
Dave 1[1]

My Goals

I’m 34 years old and Father to 3 beautiful boys.  At one stage we had 3 under the age of 4 years old - now they are 4, 3 and 11 months. I have a loving and very supportive wife, she allows me the time to attend to my current addiction being Round 1 Fitness Gym. Last year after my 3<sup>rd</sup> son was born I was pushing nearly 120kg, it dawned on me that I was getting older and more unfit. I had always been a keen sportsman but over the previous 5 years (or so) with work and family life I just seemed too “busy” to look out for my own health. I made a promise to myself that I had to do something for me and as a secondary gain would be healthier and happier for my family. I worked with a few people that attended R1 and would always rave about how good the environment and support is. I took the bull by the horns and have been a member for 8 months now. I have lost nearly 20kgs and in that time I have been made aware that sometimes it is not always the numbers on the scale. My Body Composition has also changed. I feel I am living my life a little fuller and able to keep up with my little energiser bunnies. My goal when I joined was to start having a healthier life and lose weight for myself and family. 15kg down since joining and my 12 month goal was to get to 100kg (only 3kg off). Now my focus has shifted a little to strength training. I feel I have a good basis and to keep challenging myself I am wanting to meet all my 1 Rep Max goals starting with a 200kg Dead Lift.


I try to get to the Gym at least 3-4 times per week. I have probably averaged that over the time of my membership.  I have no set pattern of attendance due to the nature of my shift work. Sometimes 7am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and weekends I  just try to fit it in when I can. That is the beauty of R1, so many class times 7 days a week.

First Class

With word of mouth I was confident about the R1 experience and knew I had to be committed to my changes in life. So I paid for a year membership in full. I had arranged with a friend who was already a member to meet for a 12 o’clock Boxing class. We had talked about the Beginners Class option for me but with the great Aussie spirit he said “you’ll be right mate” In hindsight I probably should have taken that option. I really didn’t know what to expect in the class. Maybe a bit of boxing with some skipping etc. Was I wrong?? The class blew me away at how diverse it was. Some Burpees, Wall balls, Wall sits, Rowing, Lunges and something I knew nothing about prior (and now love) the Kettlebells I definitely knew I had a workout. At the end of the class I had some congratulatory hand shakes for getting through my first R1 session. I was alright!! And as one of the R1 mottos says “ Is there any Danger?”. I barely dragged myself out of there, sweat dripping off me, feeling muscle groups that I had forgotten about from years gone by.  I recovered (few hours later) and I could not wait to get back. The bug had bitten hard.

Most memorable class

I have a few memorable classes. My first ever 1 minute rounds 7 am and a pretty full class. I hadn’t really got the grasp of how it worked until thrown into the deep end. Action packed, fast paced and amazing. I remember looking around the gym and every station busy with activity someone Rowing, someone Punching, someone doing Kettlebell Swings others doing Ab Roller. It felt like a joint effort even though you were doing your own individual exercise, a sense of encouragement seeing other people all shapes, sizes and gender having a go. February 14<sup>th</sup> 4pm Class (Valentines Day) bribed with a bonus Alcohol Day in the 6 month Life Plan for all participants. It wasn’t until we all assembled for the class that we realised that we would have to really earn the Alcohol Free Day. Lloyd one of the amazing trainers had a look in his eye that gave it away. The whole class would be conducted outside the Gym. Lots of Bridging, lots of Frog Jumps and Walking Lunges up the driveway and multiple Bin Runs (approx 400m) even Double Bin Runs. Every Body Work Class is memorable. I have to say though my last Body Work Class only this week was amazing. Not because of the exercises themselves but it involved a Team aspect to the warm up and cool down. 17 members including Mike (the owner) encouraging each to the very end. The atmosphere was electric, the banter and the sense of being comrades getting through the class will stay with me.

Favourite exercise

<strong>Heavy Bags</strong> – just cause it is fun being able to hit something really hard. <strong>Kettlebell Swings</strong> – all over body workout and can feel it at he end <strong>Big Sled</strong> – being able to get momentum up and power through with your legs up and down the Gym which gives me a sense of accomplishment. <strong>Target exercises</strong> – being able to set short term goals and push through with intensity to achieve them

Most hated exercise

Any of the Body weight exercises. Burpees, Multi jumps, Pylometric Lunges, Frog Jumps, Bear Crawls the list goes on. I just feel like a giant Ogre with lack of flexibility, finesse and stamina. They are getting easier though. I have attempted many cheating strategies like missing a few in a set or not going lower than I should. Yes I have been caught out and yes I have then suffered for not doing it right in the first place

Advice to share

Motivation is the key with most thing in life. R1 provides a great environment to be your vehicle if you allow it. The classes are always changing and challenging. I think this is what makes me want to keep returning. If I feel I didn’t do something right or hard enough I know that it is ok. You always have the encouragement and support to go back and continue trying to achieve what you want to achieve out of attending R1. Listen to the trainers they are there to assist with technique so you can get the most out of your session. Embrace the mini challenges set by Mike and the R1 Team. They are wanting to assist you and at the end of it teach something that you can take away into your life outside the gym. I have learnt that exercising isn’t just enough but making things habit or the way of life makes for a healthier life.