Daniel Taylor

  • Harrisdale
  • Storeman/Delivery Driver/Warehouse Manager
  • Mid 2012.
Daniel Taylor

My Goals

I believe that only God can judge me.  I don't train to prove anything or to be better than anyone else.  I train to be better than the person I was yesterday.  There are so many things that I have achieved that I had once thought were too hard - I just train to push my limits and be the best I can be.


I usually train around 6pm to 7pm'ish.  It gives me a chance to have a shower and a quick feed after work before heading to the gym to lift some weights with Rob or Ricky or maybe a late Boxing class or Body Work session.  I also head in on Saturday's around 8am for weights or a boxing sess.  My training on each day depends on how I feel after work or how sore I am from whatever I did the day before.

First Class

It was either 1-minute rounds on a Thursday night or Saturday morning with Jason. I had thought I was quite fit after 5 years worth of Army PT sessions - but I can still remember being totally exhausted and sore as hell by the end...but I loved every second.

Most memorable class

My first Friday night 'No Rules'.  I did it when I was still getting over a cold/flu and I remember telling myself 'just get it done' and I DID.  My whole body was destroyed, but at the end I looked at the white board and saw what I had achieved and it was just the best feeling in the world.

Favourite exercise

Call me crazy but pushups and burpees are my favorite.  Anything that can make you sweat that much - and cause so much pain - has to be good for you and I always tell myself that if it hurts, I am getting something out of it.

Most hated exercise

Any ab or core exercise.  I have just never been any good at them.  Things like elbows to knees, toe-touch crunches, reverse crunches...all of them really.  They just seem impossible after the first 4...Laying flat on my back in pain isn't really cheating though is it?  Not that I get much sympathy.

Advice to share

I find training in a group is great motivation.  All of the R1 trainers are friendly and always give great advice - along with a couple of "Come ON Daniel's" when I slack off!  R1 is more like a family than a gym and there is always someone around willing to lend a helping hand.