• Hammond Park
  • Drafty
  • November 2010
Daniel Pratt

My Goals

Generally speaking, I just want to improve my all around health & fitness, knock off a few (a lot) of those unwanted kilos and most importantly, support my wife with her goals and targets at the same time. Plus, I really enjoy the classes and strangely look forward to heading to the gym.


Monday-Thursday nights @ 8pm. It’s the easiest time as I generally don’t get home from work until around 7ish. Since I like to do 4 classes a week, getting them all out of the way before ‘something’ comes up on the weekend is handy as well.

First Class

I was pretty enthusiastic heading into my first class and ridiculously exhausted afterwards. Though, it was a really good feeling pushing myself all the way to the end and proving that I could actually ‘do it’ if I tried. It was also nice to discover, that despite 27 years of evidence to the contrary, I have triceps and they can get really SORE.

Most memorable class

Thursday, 24th March 2011. 1 minute rounds with specific targets at each station. 250 Straights, 200 HARD Hooks, 20 Fence Pulls, 1,000,000 Burpees etc.

Favourite exercise

Power Ropes. Sigmund Freud may have some answers as to why...

Most hated exercise

Wall Sits. Having your knees at any angle less than 90 degrees makes a big difference. Going for zero degrees when the trainer isn’t watching probably works the best.

Advice to share

Set quantifiable performance based goals and train for something specific.