Corrie-Ann Andrews

  • Hammond Park
  • Assistant Company Secretary
  • 32
  • Officially since May '11 but have been around since the beginning
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My Goals

When I first started boxing I still had 8 kilos to lose after having my twins almost 4 years prior.  Ideally I wanted to go back to the way my body was before I had my boys but I knew that was going to take hard work and commitment of a balanced diet and exercise regime.  Round 1 Fitness has helped me to change my body shape to the point where I have dropped the last 8 kilos and I can now comfortably fit back into my size 10 clothes.  I am more confident, happier, fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time.


[gallery] Currently training 4 days a week usually Mondays or Tuesdays 6pm, Thursday 6pm (one minute rounds), Friday (6pm) and Sunday mornings.

First Class

I don’t really remember my first class in too much detail. I know it was really, really hard, that all I wanted to do was learn how to hit a bag solidly and that I was completely stuffed after the class. But I loved it and made sure I came back.

Most memorable class

It was the one minute rounds around the time where Michael went through a period of setting really high targets to hit in one minute per station.  Good thing was I did actually hit most of the targets; bad thing was that this was the first class I vomited.  So what made this memorable? – When I walked back into the class I was met at the door by Michael who joked that at least I was keeping the birds well fed.  I have to admit at least it made me smile.

Favourite exercise

I love when we do running in the class, ab wheel (which I’ve only conquered in the last 6 months) and most recently Inch Worms.

Most hated exercise

Can’t say I’m a fan of burpees and absolutely loathe the bikes, any level, any speed!!!

Advice to share

Try to commit to a set amount of training sessions a week with a good diet and stick to it.  Everyone has a busy lifestyle. You need to make time to exercise if you want results.  At least once a week try to do something different within your class eg:  if you normally do your push ups on your knees, try to do a few on your toes each rep and then build on that.  It’s the baby steps that will get you to bigger and better things.  It’s an amazing feeling to do something automatically in a class and stop and think ‘Hey I couldn’t do that a month ago and now I do it without too much effort.’