Clarke Osborne

  • Willetton
  • Golf professional since 2004, moved to Perth in 2014 from New Zealand & currently the Manager at Point Walter Golf Course
  • Mid 30's
  • October 16
Clarke family (1)

My Goals

The major fitness goal is to be as fit and healthy as possible to make sure I can keep up with my 2 kids :)


3-4 times a week, mostly in the mornings to get the body moving and mind active.

First Class

Beginners class - Wednesday night (sore for 2 days after!). (Editors note:  Clarke says Wednesday but it must have been a Tuesday night if it was Beginners...the experience must have been so exciting that he completely forgot which day it was!).

Most memorable class

All of them! They all are so different and never the same which is why I love the challenge Round 1 offers.

Favourite exercise

Combo of a cardio exercise and punching.

Most hated exercise

Bikes…. Need i say more.

Advice to share

Giving it 100% at every session has seen me achieve amazing results even if its only 3 times a week. Really enjoy the team at Round 1 Fitness but it always come back to the effort you put in.