Claire Z

  • Aubin Grove
  • Teacher
  • October 2010
Claire Zappa

My Goals

I initially joined Round One because my morning walks and Zumba classes were repetitive and not overly inspiring. I wanted to do something different. Boxing was the perfect change as I love how each session is always different. This has definitely kept me motivated. I’ve had plenty of goals since joining- First one was to feel good about myself by improving my fitness and losing some weight. Once I started training my goals changed to more simple things like being able to actually hit the speed ball and eventually build up my speed. The floor to ceiling and speed ball were my biggest challenges- my sister often laughed at me as my attempts of hitting the floor to ceiling ball resembled a cat clawing away at a couch. At the moment my goal is to not whinge when using the pull up rings. My overall fitness goal is to run 5km without stopping.


I’m generally at the gym at 5 or 6pm to do the Boxing Fitness class. It’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and the work out definitely helps you sleep at night! Now the weather is changing I’ve gone to a couple of 6am classes. It’s not easy getting out of bed at 5:30am but it is a great feeling knowing you’ve done your training for the day.

First Class

I was so nervous and terrified before my first class. My sister and I decided to start with a beginners class and thanks to Jason’s love of bikes followed by wall sits, my legs felt like jelly by the end.

Most memorable class

Tough question but quite possibly a class I did not that long ago… I remember it was a Monday because Michael’s blog encouraged people to come down and try out these one minute rounds with a twist. The twist being his torturous mix of burpees, jump squats, push ups, plyometric lunges and mountain climbers continuously one after another for what felt like an eternity). Basically any class where one of the trainers (normally Michael) throws the ‘twist’ in tends to be a hard class.

Favourite exercise

I really enjoy all the work we do on the bags- heavy, light, combo and the shield. I love one minute rounds because everything seems that little bit more achievable and there is a good mix of different types of exercises.

Most hated exercise

I have three… The ab wheel. After almost 5 months I am still terrible at it and I am pretty certain there is no way of cheating when it comes to using it, especially if one of the trainers is watching! Pull Ups on the rings… pulling your own body weight up and lowering yourself slowly down is something I really struggle with. As for cheating, if the trainers are not looking I think most people stand holding the rings mentally preparing themselves to attempt one as soon as a trainer appears or looks in their direction. I also dislike burpees- they are not fun. I’m pretty certain my unco attempts of doing burpees are the cheaters way of doing them.

Advice to share

My advice is to.. Find a friend or a family member to train with. I started training with my sister and now a work friend comes along when she can. Having a training buddy helps! AND Be willing to laugh at yourself because exercising is supposed to be fun. I just laugh as I struggle through classes or when the floor to ceiling ball comes back and hits me in the face. My biggest motivator for coming to Round One has been having more energy, feeling less stressed out at work, losing weight and toning. Round One is a fantastic gym to train at because there are barely any of those ‘gym buffs’ prancing around making you feel intimidated. Everyone is laid back, chatty and welcoming. The trainers are all friendly and I like how they have their quirky traits that help inspire you to push through the pain and enjoy each class.