Claire Bowran

  • Hammond Park
  • MSC Shipping Company as a Logistics analyst.
  • 20-25
  • January 2014
Claire Bowran

My Goals

I joined Round 1 to get fit and start a new chapter of my life. I have always been highly involved in sports and after recently giving up Softball which I played for 15 years – I needed something new and completely different. My partner Jon was the one who really pushed me to join the gym with him. (Although he was hesitant as sometimes I say I will do something and stick to it and…. I don’t!) But this time I have! My goal was to lose a bit of weight but mainly become fitter and feel better about myself. At the beginning our aim was to do three classes a week and see how we went. We did that for about 2 months and now we’re going to the gym 5/6 times a week! I haven’t weighed myself since I started in January but I feel SO much better about myself and I know I’ve lost a few cm’s. Joining Round 1 has changed my life, I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier! There is no other gym like Round 1!


I train at 5am everyday. I am very much a morning person and love the feeling of walking out at 6am and knowing that I have started my day off with a killer workout! Weekends, there is sometimes a weights session thrown in there and I am yet to attempt a Body Work Class but that will be my next challenge! I go to the gym with my partner Jon; he is great motivation in the mornings when I really don’t feel like getting up at 430am! Winter mornings are getting darker so that doesn’t help but it’s now become a habit and if we don’t go – there’s a lot of guilt!

First Class

Extremely nervous! I rocked up with my partner and all we could see was super fit people getting out of their cars and people running.(why do they run when it’s a boxing gym!?!?)  So already we were feeling even more unfit! (I may have said – let’s go home!) It was an 8pm Beginners class with Sean and our first exercise (of what I can remember) was shadow boxing, I sucked and I’m pretty sure I made the class do more squats/ burpees so I knew I was in for a hard class! 45 minutes was up and I absolutely loved it! In saying that, the next few days was painful – struggled to reach down and put my shoes on! But we went back and from then on have never looked back! Such great atmosphere and such inspiring people to train with! I have never been involved in a gym where everyone is so motivating, encouraging and happy! It’s the best feeling knowing you can rock up to the gym, have a chat with everyone and leave knowing you have given it your all!

Most memorable class

I wouldn’t be able to pin point one class but I LOVE 1 minute rounds! The very first 1 minute round class I did was a little confusing! I hadn’t looked at the schedule so I rocked up to 5am expecting the normal crowd out the front... Everyone was ready to go but they were standing next to a bag or a cross trainer… I was a little confused! Didn’t take long to realise after Mike asked what on earth I was doing! As much as sometimes it is a smaller class at 5am, I feel as though everyone really gets into it and pushes each other. It’s always a nice feeling when you hear that you’re doing a good job or that you’re really pushing yourself! Definatly a recommended class if you haven’t done it before!<i> </i>

Favourite exercise

Anything Abs! Always feels good to walk out of a class with sore abs and know you’ve really pushed yourself to the limits. I also love box jumps! When I first started at round 1 I was terrified of them! After a few (a lot) of deep breaths (and a lot of encouragement from trainers) I finally attempted one and stacked it on the second attempt! From then on I have improved and am alot more confident! It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t think about it too much! I am nearly using the biggest step so I’m pretty happy about it!

Most hated exercise

BEAR CRAWLS! …and bin runs! I was only introduced to Bear Crawls this week and to start off with I was hopeless! I’m not even sure what I was doing, just moving my arms and legs like everyone else! With some help from Mike I improved only very slightly! I am a little better now (after practising down the hall way at home!) but still feel like an uncoordinated turtle!  And... Bin runs… I am the worst runner and would rather do burpees!!

Advice to share

Keep at it! If you feel as though you can’t push any further or you can’t use the orange kettle bell instead of the pink or you can’t do that extra squat... Keep going! If there is one piece of advice I could give to people it would be to keep pushing your boundaries, don’t settle for “that will do” I know personally I am a culprit for thinking that I’ve done enough and wont push myself harder but since I joined the gym – I’ve learnt that pushing yourself harder gets you so much further! Doing that extra box jump seconds before the bell instead of standing there waiting for the bell to go… little things like that make a big difference!