Chris (Rossy)

  • Melville
  • Attadale Travel (Owner / Manager)
  • Nearly the very beginning!
Chris Ross-Davies

My Goals

This year I will complete another half marathon, I will be able to do 5 full  chin ups in a row, be the healthiest version of myself that I can and strut down a beach in Hawaii for my 40<sup>th</sup> birthday knowing all the blood sweat and burpees was worth it!


Whenever I can, with a shift working hubby it means I am there mornings, nights whatever fits in...

First Class

When I started at Round 1, I had been going to another gym that did outdoor training which I love in summer and then in winter a big chain gym to work out. I have always been fine for getting myself motivated to go so didn’t think it mattered really which gym I went to as long as they had the equipment I needed to work out. It took me about 30 mins of my first class to realise I had been missing out, and that a place to go and train is not the same as a space to be shown how to be better stronger, fitter and pushed to create and reach higher goals for yourself.  My first class was a huge introduction into “ this is the way we do burpees around here girlie! They all come with a push up and when you jump your feet are supposed to leave the ground! “

Most memorable class

There was a tanks session that had something ridiculous like 70 burpees, 80 box jumps, 60 wall balls, 50 push ups and plenty of other awful stuff along with a killer warm up and I remember thinking this is just not going to happen how the hell will I ever get through this.... Then I told myself to just shut up and do it and I got it done, it was a big wake up call to me that the mind sabotages what the body can achieve sometimes.

Favourite exercise

I can’t believe I am going to say this but.... Manmakers. They hurt like a bugger but it feels so good when they are over and they have just torched everything you have!

Most hated exercise

One legged rowing due to a torn groin.... thanks for that one Pratty! “No reason you can’t row Rossy there’s nothing wrong with the other leg! “

Advice to share

No-one was born with the inate ability to do a push up, chin up or burpee with a clap but there is nothing better than the feeling of getting through your first class having done every push up on your feet, or your first unassisted chin up! Also this gym is like none other, it is a family of like minded people we are each others cheer squad.  If you are looking to be supported to achieve your goals, you can definitely vibe off all the cool positive crew at Round 1.... it helps a lot.