Carol Limmer

  • Banjup
  • Retired
  • 65++ (lol)
  • 2011

My Goals

My goal was to go into my senior years in a fit and healthy state.  R1 gym you are responsible for helping me achieve that.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15am is the time I train.

First Class

I was dragged, kicking and screaming to the gym. A BOXING GYM. I hated boxing, didn’t like exercise, and no way wanted to sweat YUK.  So Michael gave me an exercise plan that I could quietly do hiding over in the corner on my own. After a month or so I was bored and not motivated to do to much,and after watching the boxing classes I thought, well I could probably do that.  So I started to box, enjoyed that, exercised a bit harder,that wasn’t to bad,and even sweat a little. Ok found it wasn’t to bad after all. Five years on I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been,even have a little muscle tone and love to sweat.

Most memorable class

Nothing really stands out as too bad - just always thankful for the extra push the trainers give us.

Favourite exercise

I enjoy the abwheel, lifting some weights and skipping.

Most hated exercise

I enjoy most of the exercises but the bikes and I will never be friends.

Advice to share

My advice to everyone is to just keep turning up at the gym every week.  Your mind and body will love you for the effort you put in.