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  • April 2011
Carly Allen

My Goals

Weight loss and this year I will reach my goal!


Always aim for 5 times a week and I’ve always been a 6pm class girl, because I finish work at 5, I always feel like I have more energy after work. I also do the occasional 6am class, I love the feeling that I’ve done my class for the day if I go at 6am, but I don’t always feel like I can give it my all that time of the morning as I’m still half asleep.

First Class

I remember my first class with Jason on a Saturday. I dove straight into a NON-beginners class, I was nervous as anything, I only just got through it without throwing up. I couldn’t walk properly after the class and took me about 4 days to recover after it and I blamed Jason for days!  I remember saying to my friend Jacinta who convinced me to come, How do you do this 4-6 times a week? But 10 months later I have never looked back!

Most memorable class

The most memorable class was during the October challenge, I was just overcoming the flu and by accident went to a bodywork class on a Friday night, I asked Sean to time my 2 minute bridge at the end of the class which was one of targets, with sweat pouring off my face I did it without cheating! That actually was the most memorable month, completing those 25 classes while having people at work telling me I was crazy and my body needed a rest. It turned out it didn’t need a rest and I got my t-shirt!

Favourite exercise

Reverse crunches, because I can always feel it the next day and speed ball, because I get better and better each time I do it.

Most hated exercise

Sprint starts!!!!

Advice to share

I learn’t very quickly that smart ar*e comments don’t get you very far in a class, don’t complain because the guys and Leila will just make you work harder again. I’m learning to listern and get the job done. I can always whinge to my husband when I get home.