Candis Clark

  • Southern River
  • Educator - Early Childhood
  • 25-30
  • June 2014

My Goals

For 4.5 years my goal was to lose weight and be able to do at least one full sit up, since starting at Round one my goal has slightly changed as now I can do more than one sit up and I  just want to be able to keep up with my kids and learn how to lead a healthy and active life style.


I train week days at 6am, as my kids are still sleeping when I leave and I can be home in time for my husband to leave for work; this is my ‘me time’ and something has to be pretty important for me to give it up. On the weekends I do either a Saturday or Sunday mornings depending on family commitments; if I can get there Saturday morning I like to do the body work class for a bit of a change up and on a Sunday I do the 8:15am.

First Class

I started at Round one doing my first class as a beginner’s class, where there was a focus on technique and I was able to walk out of the class just fine; Zara was very kind and gentle. However, then came my first boxing class which was in another world. It was a mid-week 6am class and Mike happened to be in Melbourne that week. I waltzed in strutt’n my stuff to find Lloyd and Sean (two young, beanie wearing, fit looking guys) taking the class; this gym has hot trainers I thought. During the class Lloyd sent people to the nightmare step machine (Versa climber), made people do burpees for things like not getting to the next station quick enough and picked on people for using different colour weights; I was scared to even look in his direction. After the class even though I did not receive any punishment I struggled to get into my car and had to physically lift my right leg into the car using my hands  J. The following few days through some pain I discovered I had muscles I did not even know were in my body. The best thing I ever did was return the following week and signed up; little did I know this gym was more of a family than a place to go and shove your head phones in and run on a tread mill.

Most memorable class

My most happy memory class was a Thursday one minute round class with dead lifts; not with the pre-made bars but with the blue, green and yellow weights that you see the members lifting in the racks. I stared on the green weighted bar (40kg) and I was able to just lift it, Mike then sent me to the blue weighted bar (60kg) and to my amazement I was able to lift that also (with a little more difficulty). It felt great to feel strong and capable; I could not wait to do it again in two more stations time. One of my horrible never go there again classes (there are a few) was a Saturday morning (editors note:  I think it was a public holiday!! :-)) and most of all I remember Mike saying “this would have to be in the top five of hardest classes ever” as he wheeled the rowers outside and he was so right. All I remember was rowers, running, a lot of burpees and the friend that I had brought along to try the class "wasn't able to finish".  (Editors note:  Candis had used another word for "wasn't able to finish" but my description was a little less 'visual'!)

Favourite exercise

I enjoy dead lifting the heavy bars; it makes me feel strong. Hand stand wall walks; because I try and get more vertical every time.  Rowing would have to be my favourite cardio, but only because it does not involve running or those assault bikes.

Most hated exercise

I dislike ab wheels; they are hard and as much as my core is a lot stronger since starting at Round one after two children it is still not ab wheel strong. I have found a way to cheat… ab wheel time is the ‘towel wipe sweat away time’ and by then ab wheels are usually done and I can move on  (Editors note:  Noted!). I also hate running, I have not discovered a cheat for this yet but I will keep trying.

Advice to share

To stay motivated I put out my gym gear and fill my water bottle at night and place it by the door so I am already to go in the morning. I also don’t get petrol on the busy afternoons, as if I get up and go to the gym I can get yesterday’s prices before 6am on the way to the gym. As for diet I have found that eating following the ZONE methodology has changed the way I make my meals and has contributed to my daily energy increase; I still have an addiction to chocolate but that is a work in progress. My only advice for technique is to watch the trainers during demos; watch the way they hold their hands, how far they go down and which alternate options there are for that exercise.  I have only ever missed one round of demos and it really effected how much I got out of the class as I had to watch everyone else first before getting started and hope they were doing it right or I would get in trouble.