Brendan O’Callaghan

  • Thornlie
  • Refridgeration Wholesale
  • 25-30
  • Mid-2014

My Goals

I go to the gym to keep fit and maintain my fitness to the best of my ability.  I Did the 28Days Later challenge this year and lost 7kgs in a month.  It goes to show with the correct diet and exercise you can achieve some goals in such a short space of time. Since then I have maintained that same weight that I achieved.  I would however like to lose a bit more PBF (Percentage Body Fat).


I work 2 jobs which makes it hard to be around all the time but in my spare time I like spending time with my family as much as possible - Hence why I train at the 6am class prior to heading off to work. There is a good crew who attend at 6am which helps with the motivation to go if you get to know a fellow class regular.  I know if we don’t attend a class during the week there is a bit of friendly banter between a few of us as to why we couldn’t go etc. It all helps us to get extra motivation to attend.

First Class

I was actually quite nervous as I didn’t know many people apart from a mate or two.  I remember doing situp exercises sitting in the tyres, Did these things called “Mountain Climbers” and kettlebell to and fro’s had no clue whatsoever on how to do it and probably looked very uncoordinated!

Most memorable class

Most memorable class that sits in my mind was the first class. I won’t forget it and I still come back! I really enjoy doing it.

Favourite exercise

Favourite exercise would have to be anything with kettlebells, it’s amazing how much bodywork you can get out of using a kettlebell. Kettlebell Swings and Goblet Squats I enjoy and the Rowers are also a good cardio workout.

Most hated exercise

Come on I have to say it…anything with Assault Bikes. Although I feel that I am getting better with achieving the cals set for the classes.

Advice to share

I found myself not having enough family time so I sacrificed afternoon classes, to go at 6am. I have a young family and spending all those moments with them as much as possible makes me feel very good. A few friends have shared a few of their diet secrets with me and said…Breakfast is a must Have!! Oats is very easy to make for Breakfast in the morning (Have it with some almond milk helps) and have a high protein lunch helps eg some chicken with vegies is good. Before I started going to Round, I wasn’t in the greatest shape at all.  Since I have started going, I feel and have a lot more of a positive outlook on Life and towards others.  I obtained a promotion at Work last year and I believe it has certainly helped with my career by having a clearer mind and more of a positive outlook towards things. But really, when you attend the classes you’ve just got to go. If you don’t feel like going one day. Just Go! You will feel better for it. I watched a short video quote of Arnold Schwarzenegger on YouTube a while ago and it sticks in my mind to this day. He says “No excuses about not working out”…”If the president of the USA has time to work out, then YOU have time to work out”. The Rock Clock App is also a good motivator! Check it out…Nothing better than waking up to “The Rock” <a href="" target="_blank">Link to Arnold Video!</a>