Brad Cochrane

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  • Finance Advisor @ Mortgage Choice
  • 55
  • 2011
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My Goals

I joined to get fit and lose weight.  I lost 10kgs in my first six-months then plateaued.  The challenges that Mike sets up really work though - last September's challenge got me losing weight again and showed me (for real!) that I need to change my diet.  I eat and drink as I please which means my training only ever keeps me where I am.


I usually train 4/5 days each week with the 6am crew.  I find the early start gets me up and going and ready for the day.  I also do an occasional 5am class - it is great when I can make it because it gives you an extra hour in your day!

First Class

First class was a Beginners' Session.  I was really nervous to begin with, then I realised how much fun I was having and settled down.  Felt brilliant at the end!

Most memorable class

My one and only Body Work class.  I managed to squeeze in a 12pm session one lunch-time only to find it was Body Work rather than Boxing.  In the words of the trainer that day (Sean), "Schoolboy error, Bradley".

Favourite exercise

I enjoy everything really - just great to be doing something physical and get my blood pumping.

Most hated exercise

My most 'hated' used to be pull-ups...or rather, 'Jump ups and fall downs'.  The new assault bikes are the worst though - you can't cheat because the read-outs don't lie (unless Mike rigs them which wouldn't surprise me) and everything about them is just hard.

Advice to share

I have joined any number of gyms in my 55 years - 3 month memberships, 12-month contracts, you name it.  I never lasted more than a month at any of them.  The family feeling, the encouraging atmosphere make Round 1 unique and I just want to go to the gym every day.