Annya Farquhar

  • Success
  • Stay at home mummy
  • 30-35
  • First joined in 2012, stopped when pregnant with my second and have rejoined the team this year 2017.

My Goals

To lose the extra weight gained after having the two kids and to be a happier, healthier me. It is now my time, time to do something for me.


Monday to Friday 5am sessions.

First Class

My girlfriend found Round 1 on a Scoopon and recommended that my husband (Joe) and I give it a go.  We had been talking about joining a gym, so thought why not. So went to the beginner class, within 10-15 minutes we were doing a wall sit, which seem to go forever. I looked at Joe and said “What the hell are we doing? I am going to kill her, this is insane”. I don’t remember anything else about that class or how I pulled up afterwards. But the next day we were back again.

Most memorable class

No single class stands out always love the extra push the trainers give. And sometimes I do need that push.

Favourite exercise

I love a little of everything, punching, cardio, weights and even squats.

Most hated exercise

ASSAULT BIKES, they are just plain evil. I would do anything not to get on them. EVIL!!!

Advice to share

Push beyond the intimidation and just go for it. Nobody is judging you.