• Success
  • Operations Manager
  • 25-30
  • 2016

My Goals

For the past few years I had been blaming a little gremlin for breaking into my house and replacing all of my jeans with smaller ones but then I realised that 1 stressful job + 1 divorce + downward cheese and wine spiral = 1 chubby unhappy Aleks. Hence, I first joined Round1 to lose the weight that I had slowly gained over the course of a few years. My goal is to get back to looking and feeling like myself before the big 3 0 next year! My long term goal is to make exercise a part of my life, I’ve always hated exercise with a passion so it’s been rewarding finding something I actually enjoy coming to and I hope to continue to develop that passion. I might even be ready to compete in one of those Cross Fit competitions in about 10 years’ time haha.


Mostly 8pm sessions. Sometimes 6pm. I’ve made some good friends at Round1 so we try to organise times where we can train together. I aim for 3-4 sessions per week and my goal is to get to 5 sessions a week.

First Class

Tuesday night beginners. I had spotted Round 1 on my commutes to work and wanted to give it a try however; I had seen all the fit people working out in the mornings and thought it was way out of my league. I swear I spent about 2 weeks just reading these profiles on the website and psyching myself up. I had read so many stories about how scary Michael was and how pretty much everyone was puking their guts up after their first class so it’s safe to say I was terrified to try it. I finally built up the courage and made it to a Tuesday beginner’s class; to my dismay – Michael was taking the class. However, once we got going I had the best time! Michael was hilarious and very helpful and I hadn’t had such a good workout in years! The class was a variety of techniques and cardio/body weight training. I got through it fine but the next morning…. well…. let’s just say that you will discover muscles that you never knew you even had!

Most memorable class

Memorable in the worst way possible. It was a Friday 5pm “Beginners”. Eden was running the class and as there were only two of us and as we weren’t beginners he decided to do a bit of a PT session instead. It started off with a HBR then a HBR in-between every station then a HBR to finish things off. I have never come so close to murdering someone before….

Favourite exercise

I love, love, love Sally. Sally squats, Sally sit-ups, Sally push-ups, Sally leg raises – love them all! Rowing is also an all-time favourite.

Most hated exercise

How much time do you have….. haha Half Bin Runs (HBR) and split jumps have to be the worst I would say. Assault bikes (invented by a sadist) were also my nemesis at the start but now that my fitness has improved we are in more of a love/hate relationship. Oh, and those bear crawl things…. I am way too unco for that.

Advice to share

Stop reading these and just bite the bullet! You will be extremely sore after your first session but I found that the best thing to do is not to skip the next day. Once you warm up again you won’t feel the pain. It’s also important not to take any time off. I took 3 weeks off over the Christmas period and it was like I was starting from scratch when I got back into it. On a side note - I had wasted so much money over the years on gym memberships that I would never use and I thought Round1 would be the same; but it’s not! The trainers are fantastic; the atmosphere is fun and best of all it’s a team environment where people actually talk to one another (I know, crazy concept). If you are self-conscious about joining a gym, haven’t worked out in a long time or just generally don’t know where to start when it comes to exercise then I definitely recommend Round1.