Adam Marsh

  • Bateman
  • Industrial Electrician
  • 40-45
  • 2010!
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My Goals

Being able to run around like a twit with my 2 kids all day is one of the most rewarding goals I can think of. Following on from that, I have completed 2 of my bucket list goals. Namely the Kokoda trail in PNG and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Accomplishing these was made so much more enjoyable due to the fitness I achieved at R1F. Future goals include competing in some sort of fitness competition (like the trainers enter into... in the 40+ category) and achieving calorie targets on assault bikes minus the collapsing on the ground in a heaving heap.  (Editors Note:  This will never happen.  The Assault Bikes are pure evil.)


As a shiftworker, I train when I can. Usually 4 to 5 times a week. About the only class I haven't done is the 5am (you guys are dedicated/crazy).

First Class

A mate told me a few years ago "there is a guy who lives in my street who is opening up a boxing/fitness gym this week, you should go have a look". I turned up, did a class and thought "This is the place for me". Back then it was a bit more bare bones, ie: focus mitts, a lot more bag work, not a great deal in the way of weighted exercises. Still, I thought I was relatively fit, and like all the other profiles here, I was proven wrong... painfully wrong.

Most memorable class

Given that all of the classes are fun and different, they are all memorable in their own way. If i had to pick a class that stands out it would have to be one of the early morning classes in last year's 12 days of Xmas challenge. I had decided to do a "double" (2 classes in a row) to catch up on my class count.... Bad move. Before the second class had started I was observed resting or "lazing about" on a rower so had to complete 500m before the class, then I was volunteered to start on the rowers (2 min rounds). The trainer (who shall remain nameless, but we all know who takes the early morning classes) had me do half bin run, then 250m on a rower in the 2 mins, if I failed (and I did), do it again, and again, and again, in the end I cheated. I ran to the top of the driveway and hid behind a car for a while, came back inside with some time to spare and not so close to vomiting. Then I gave that damn rower what for! The rest of the class was just a blur of remaining upright and focusing on remaining conscious.

Favourite exercise

I guess because I'm a lightweight, the bodyweight exercises come a bit easier to me as opposed to the weighted ones. All the (pull-up) bar, rings, burpees and inchworms don't really fill me with too much dread. That said, I would have to say hitting the bags and the (pull-up) bar would be at the top of the list as far as favourites go.

Most hated exercise

This is a loaded question. If I say anything here, this is what I'll suffer if I stuff up during the class. So, I really hate laying flat on my back staring at the ceiling. Failing that, like most people, I'm not real keen on the assault bikes, especially the calorie target stations.

Advice to share

For a number of reasons... Listen. The trainers don't look the way they do due to luck. They work damn hard. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Listen to their advice on technique and diet but not necessarily music. Also listen to them in class or you will be punished (and nobody wants more assault bikes). Most of all, have fun. It's a great environment to train, we are all there to better ourselves, and a "let's have fun" attitude, goes a long way. The trainers get to know you, they know how to push to get the best out of you and they know when enough is enough. So listen and have fun.