Aaron Thomas

  • Parkwood
  • Accountant
  • 30-35
  • October 2013

My Goals

After training for a long time but without the right mentors around, I’m learning new things here at Round 1 and I can feel my body changing and I am increasing my fitness levels. I aim to get even fitter and look to increasing strength to join other classes and even certain obstacle challenges with members from the gym.


I train most days at 7pm, just allows me some flexibility with when I finish work.

First Class

It was a Sunday beginners class at 11.15am,I came in expecting a friendly but simple class, considering I had been gymming for a while. Lloyd ever so kindly took us through some boxing stances and shadow boxing and I’m still feeling good about this class but then we did a lap of the gym and that’s about all I remember from that class. I still signed up to the gym after that, albeit whilst breathing heavily into my asthma inhaler.

Most memorable class

One class I won’t ever forget is Anzac Day 2014. There were that many people that Mike and Sean had to make up 3 extra stations to bring it up to 17 stations or something ridiculous. To see the gym that busting with people on a special day like Anzac Day just showed how much people were keen on fitness and it was great to see.

Favourite exercise

Having never done them before, push press and the strict military press is one of my favourite exercises, along with pull ups and fence pulls. Lately I have been enjoying ring muscle ups, while I eventually want to do an actual muscle up!

Most hated exercise

Thrusters, while its one of the better exercises as It combines 2 important exercises, always is a thorn in my side...I remember a Sunday session where we had to use Blue KB’s to do 15 thrusters every alternate minute. That was not fun.

Advice to share

Lately I have been getting pushed( or punished if you ask me) by Lloyd and Elie and while after a while, my body hurts, it’s a compliment that they know I am strong enough to be pushed further and it motivates me to try even harder. It ends up being a vicious cycle unfortunately. You have to stick to your guns and know that every little bit you do every day, is helping you get to your final goal. Always re-adjust your goals when u hit them. Remember the 4-8-12 rule, anything you do, it takes 4 weeks for yourself to notice the difference, 8 weeks for family and 12 weeks for everyone else. Push through to the 12 week mark. It’s definitely worth it.