Aaron Pederson

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  • Australia Day, 2013
Aaron Pederson

My Goals

At first I just wanted to get fit again, I’d had Ross River virus and I spent nearly a year sidelined. Previous to that I was running ultra marathons for several years so I found being sidelined really hard. Getting fit again was hard. The group classes turbo charged this process for me and I had my cardio back within two months. Now I’m just fine tuning my strength and maintaining what I’ve work for. Maybe some more endurance racing stuff on the horizon!!


Normally 5-6 days a week, I’ve been doing more weights now so 3-4 weight sessions and 2-3 classes.

First Class

My wife (Natasha), who has been a member for a long time, decided it would be great idea to take me for my birthday. It was a “Bodywork” class and by the end I was furious with her. I was sore, I was sweaty, I was being yelled at…not an ideal birthday! Somehow she convinced me to go again later that week, again I begrudgingly agreed, again I was hating life, then the idea occurred to me that it was being pushed outside my comfort zone and maybe that’s what I needed. The next day I felt great…I was hooked.

Most memorable class

The “running class”, it was one Saturday morning, you and a partner had to rotate at a station. The one not using the station had to be on the run around all the bags, if you happened to tag someone in front of you they had to do burpies...sorry to everyone I tagged!

Favourite exercise

Punching! I love to punch the bags. I’m also starting to love jumping rope.

Most hated exercise

Without a doubt: Bridging & wall sits! Sorry no cheat available. SUCK IT UP!!!

Advice to share

Stick with it, set goals. Hop on a (monthly) challenge and commit to giving it your all. You’d be surprised at how much you can achieve in a month.  Stick with the classes when you start out as this is a really good way to build a solid foundation of all-around fitness.