Quick Update – New Gear has arrived

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick mid-week update – a new Olympic Incline Bench-press and some ‘bigger’ dumbbells (from 30kgs ==> 50kgs) have arrived at the gym.  These have been installed and are ready for you to use – I will start building them into weights programs from this point forward.

A reminder that if you don’t have a weights program and would like one, come and see myself or one of the other trainers and we can help you out…the fitness and weight-loss benefits you can get from supplementing your boxing sessions with two (or one, or three!) weights sessions per week are fantastic.  The weights area at Round 1 Fitness has a wide-range of equipment and we are happy to tailor a program to meet your specific requirements.

Whilst on the subject of the weights area, a quick reminder about gym etiquette – if you use a weight, please put it away.  The next person to come along – inconvenience aside – may not be physically capable of moving the equipment you have been using so please take responsibility for this yourself and leave the area as you find it.

See you in the gym,