Pledge Challenge – The Workout Videos

Hi Everyone – and welcome to another week,

So proud of everyone’s efforts last week – particularly during our bike ‘team challenges’ on both Monday and Thursday.  Just the willingness of everyone to really have a go and push hard to achieve the best possible result was so impressive…to the teams that ‘WON’ – awesome.  To everyone else?  Awesome!

I have to say that I love the fact we were able to run these sessions and look forward to doing it every few weeks moving forward…we did do it once upon a time with the assault bikes – but unfortunately being confident that the bikes could ‘last’ through a class without a breakdown was an issue.  Now that we have the new Concept2 bike ergs we have no such concerns.

As it is the long weekend I really don’t want to write too much – I know the weekend messes around (in a good way) with everyone’s blog reading ritual so I am going to be quick and not try to overload you with content.

First off, all of the workout videos for our latest challenge – ‘The Pledge’ – are up on our YouTube channel.  You can access the playlist HERE or each of the individual videos are located as follows:

Lower Body Primal Plus:

Perfect Pair Plus:


Cardi-NO (Lower Body):

Cardi-NO (Upper Body):

Kettlebell Coyote:

C2 Pyramid:

Bike/Burpee Blast:

Upper Body Primal with C2 Extend:

Big Lift Challenge:

I have tried (hard) to keep the content of each video down to less than 2-minutes – so if you have any concerns about any of these ‘EXTRA’ workouts, please be sure to check out the video ‘HOW TO’ instructions before you have a go…

That’s it.  Have an amazing long weekend.  And – of course – if you haven’t signed up for the challenge, well, what can I say.  You should.  We run these things because they get people RESULTS – we are consistently averaging weight loss of > 3kgs per person in these combined food/training challenges over more than 4-challenges and 800+ participants…they work.  And the first day was today (Monday) so it is nowhere near too late…anyway, the sign-up link is HERE:  Sign-up for ‘The Pledge’ Challenge!

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

See you in the gym,