October Challenge: It is ON!

The rumours are true – there will be a ‘Special’ Round 1 Fitness challenge this October, aimed to get EVERYONE fit and healthy for summer…and it is simple.

  • No need to remember what to do.
  • No equipment to use or operate
  • No stop-watches to set

All you need to do is do 25 classes within the month of October.  The ‘rules’ are pretty simple:

  1. Each participant must have their GOALS for the month signed off by one of the trainers.  (Tracking sheets available at Reception).
  2. Each time you do a class, you MUST get it signed off by one of the trainers (on the tracking sheet) – the tracking sheets will not be signed off ‘later’…on the day, at the time!
  3. You can do ‘double sessions’ (2 in one day) but only three (3) ‘doubles’ can be counted towards the total of 25.

The prize?  Everyone who ‘Gets it Done’ will receive a new ‘Round 1 Fitness’ ‘Get it Done’ t-shirt!  These shirts wont be offered for sale – they can only be EARNED…and this challenge is the first way to earn one.

See you in the gym