New Gym equipment and Offers

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that some of the promised new equipment arrived  this morning:

- 8 new circuit barbells (4 x 10kg and 4 x 15kg) along with a new  rack.  This will make life a lot easier for everyone when trying to  select a weight to complete the barbell exercises during the Body  Work and Boxing for Fitness classes.
- 2 new racks for the medicine balls – they are now off the floor  and out of the way.  This just makes the place a little bit tidier,  and ensures that no-one is stumbling over stray medicine balls during  the classes.

- A pair of 40KG dumbells is now available on the gym floor.  I  know this wont help everyone, but for those people who are doing some  lifting, there is now a bit more weight to throw around, particularly  for you guys doing one armed rows and dumbell bench press.

The other news is that we will be having a ‘Special Offer’ in the gym  from now until the end of September:

- Buy a 10-Round Pass for only $50 – or half price!  This  translates to just $5 per class which is a great price and a terrific  way to get a head-start on your summer shape up plan.

At this price, there ARE two (2) conditions on the offer:

  1. The pass is not transferable and can only be used by the person  who purchases it.  (We are usually quite happy to let multiple people  share one card).
  2. The card will expire 30-days from the date of purchase.  (Usually,  these don’t expire at all and could be used over a period of months).

The offer we be announced on our radio advert on 92.9 later this  week, but for anyone who mentions this email when they come to the  gym you can have access to it immediately…Happy for you to share  this with your friends and family (as well as the rest of my emails  for that matter) and they are also eligble to take advantage of this  special price.

Hope to see you in the gym soon,