Keeping Motivated

Hi Everyone,

Well, for me at least football is officially over for a new year.  For the second year in a row, my AFL side (Bulldogs) and the side I  coach (Peel Thunder Colts) finished up on the same day – yet another  preliminary final loss for the ‘Dogs and another Grand Final loss for  the Thunder.  Again, both sides have fallen short of their goals and  again the disappointment is crushing…so what now?

For me at least, it really just is all about being persistent and  saddling up for another go at it in 12-months time.  The only other  option is to just give-up and decide it is all too hard, and while  that might make for a life that is a little less emotional  (stressful), it would also make for one that is a little less  interesting.  And – just like there is never any disappointment  without expectation, there is never any reward without effort.  The  same principle ALSO applies to your training and efforts to meet your  weight-loss and fitness goals.

Some of the classes (ALL??) at Round One Fitness are pretty tough -  especially when you first get started.  But after you have got  through a couple – and really given it your all – the surge of  achievement you feel really is something.  The first time you can  hold a bridge for 2-minutes is something to remember, the time you  nail the straight left, right cross, left hook uppercut is a  fantastic feeling, when you finally get the speed-ball spinning like  a ‘real’ boxer it is a great feeling…and all of these things come  from just having a go and sticking at it – they come from persistence  and effort.

The time you spend in the gym really is something to be proud of.  We  all know how much easier it is to sit at home with a coffee (a beer?)  and relax in front of the tv – but I think we also know what makes us  feel worthwhile, what makes us feel a sense of achievement and what  is truly good for us.  And even if you can’t quite manage to hold  your bridge for 2-minutes just yet – or if you still can’t quite fit  into your summer swim-suit or whatever goal it is you are shooting  for is still slightly out of reach – persistence is going to be the  thing that gets you there.  Stick at your diet, stick at your  program, train with some real enthusiasm and intensity – good things
will happen if you just stick at it.

See you in the gym!