January Challenge: WINNERS

January is OVER – and so is the January challenge.

Whilst there was a flurry of activity on the rower yesterday, the leaderboard remained essentially unchanged (despite a couple of near misses:

  • Women Over 45: Jackie Seaton, 9:15
  • Women Over 35: Christine Ross-Davies, 7:55
  • Women Under 35: Kara Rogowski, 8:08
  • Men Over 45: George Limmer, 7:25.
  • Men Over 35: Jason Barnes, 7:07
  • Men Under 35: Todd Kovacevich, 6:01

There were a heap of other ‘notable’ performances, but from my perspective it was great to see 6 people on the board who improved their time by more than 1 minute over the course of the month – and there were another 13 people who improved by more than 30 seconds (including me, which I am especially happy about!).

What this tells me is that the challenge has achieved the set outcome – encouraged a heap of people to have a go at something outside of their comfort zone and help them achieve their fitness goals by so doing.

For everyone who has had a go, I hope you stick with the rower and make it part of your regular routine…for everyone who didn’t – well, the challenge might be over but the rower is still there.  Set 10 minutes aside one day after a class and give it a go – you will be amazed at the boost you get!

See you in the gym,