General notes about the Gym

Hi Everyone,

Just a couple of quick notes about the gym.

Training Stuff

Remember to try get as much as you cant out of every session you  attend – it really is the only way to get the results you want from  time spent.  Some simple tips from my own training are:

  • – When doing push-ups, ‘spring’ up into the air every time.  It  doesn’t have to be a full clap, but if you can lift yourself into the  air it really does make a difference.
  • – When skipping, pay attention to the round timer.  Every time the  bell rings, try and pick up the pace for the count of 10 (or 20 if  you are brave).
  • – Hands up when you are punching – high starting points, high  target points.
  • – Take your towel and your drink bottle with you around the  circuit.  Leaving this stuff up at the front of the  gym doesn’t help  much when you are down at the speed ball…take them with you, makes  it easy to grab a quick drink without missing half a round.

Class Stuff

There are a lot of classes on offer at Round One Fitness and we are  often asked what the difference is between one and the other.  As  those who have been coming for a few weeks (months!) will tell you,  every class is different, but there are a few basic differences:

  • – Body Work will definitely have more weights than the other  classes.  Now the weights in these classes are only every ‘circuit  weights’ – light weights, high reps – but there will be a higher  quantity of strengthening activities in these circuits.
  • – Intense does away with the breaks between the rounds.  As well as  making your way from one station to the next, you will be asked to do  something ‘extra’ – some burpees, push-ups, running, ab  work…whatever the instructor might think of.

Don’t be scared of either class though – just come at the time that  suits you the most and don’t worry too much about what the program  says…working at your own pace through the class is what it is  about, and doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing!

Safety Stuff

Something I have noticed is that more and more people are hitting the  bags (and floor to ceiling balls) without gloves and in some cases  without hand wraps.  There are a lot of small bones in your hands and  doing this really does put yourself at risk of injury – and with the  floor to ceiling ball if you happen to make contact with the zip you  could end up splitting your hand open.

You should always wear gloves – and if you are here more than once  per week I would recommend you also wear some hand wraps.  They don’t  take long to put on – and doing it at the start of every class  actually helps you focus on why you have come to the gym and what you  hope to get out of the session.  Another benefit of wraps is that  they are easily washed – putting your bare hands in your gloves is a  sure way to end up with sweaty, smelly gloves!

Both wraps and ezy-wraps are available from reception if you are  interested in getting some…

Admin Stuff

Please make sure you check in at reception upon arrival.  It only  takes a moment or two to let reception know you are here, and it is  important from a legal point of view that we keep track of everyone  who is in the gym at all times.