Franchising – The Round 1 Fitness Story

Round 1 Fitness opened in Cockburn Central in April 2010 and quickly grew from a start-up base of ‘ZERO’ to more than 500 members and revenues exceeding $50k per month.  Offering a unique training methodology featuring a heavy focus on boxing (bag work – no partner based training) together with body weight exercises, spinning, barbell and kettlebell circuits.  Every day is a new workout at Round 1 Fitness with a brand new circuit every single day.

Round 1 Fitness has its own unique and very active website, a range of fully branded accessories (gloves, hand wraps, t-shirts, singlets, backpacks) and proven formulas for both attracting and retaining clients.


Our location strategy is based around providing each franchisee with a 20km ‘exclusion zone’ around their selected location.  The basic requirements for a Round 1 location are:

-        Minimum of 500 square meters of floor space

-        Ladies and Mens toilet and shower facilities

-        Suitable parking – this will depend on the specific regulations of the local council or city where your franchise is located.

Investment Requirements

How much does it really cost to open a Round 1 Fitness location?

TOTAL Investment range (including all fees, equipment and working capital) is between $200,000 – $230,000.

  • Our Franchise Fee is $30,000. For that fee we will provide the following assistance:
    • Assist you to find you a location
    • Help negotiate the lease
    • Design the layout of your gym
    • Project manage fitout of your gym – including signage, equipment ordering and installation, fitout, computer systems, retail products and displays etc.
    • Assist in the hiring of any staff.
    • Train all staff
    • Educate you on how to manage an Round 1 Fitness Boxing franchise as an owner.
  • Ongoing royalties are 6% of revenue (reported quarterly).
  • Advertising contribution is 2% of revenue (reported quarterly).