Diet basics, new drinks on the way

Hi and welcome to another week.

Another great week of sessions on this weeks agenda – 1-minute Rounds on Monday and Thursday, 2-minute round rotations on Tuesday that has a pretty heavy emphasis on punching and upper body conditioning, 3-minute rounds on Wednesday with a pretty balanced abs/legs/upper body blend – a real ‘full body’ session and a cardio focussed set on Friday.

Heaps and heaps of variety to keep your training on track – and remember, 1-2 sessions per week = maintenance….3 + sessions = progress.  A few people would have heard me say lately that ‘Training is queen, but diet is king’…and that is a concept that has come to me relatively late in life.  Once upon a time I truly believed that because I worked out/ran/played footy/whatever I could eat whatever I liked…which was almost true.  Until I hit age 35 of course – so the rule really is you can eat whatever you like as long as you train as long as your body hasn’t reached that age where it starts to slow down.

I get a few requests for diet plans coming through, and whilst I am always happy to help I am not a dietician.  My plans will be based around 5 pretty simple principles:

  • Eat some kind of whole grain cereal (weet-bix, porridge, natural muesli) to start your day.
  • Eat 5 or 6 times per day.  Small portions, regular intervals – and yep, a piece of fruit is a great solution…(but no, a muesli bar is NOT!).
  • Try and balance your protein, carbs and greens on your plate…a nice even spread of the three things.
  • Watch your portion sizes.  We all eat too much food…if you can cut down your portions not only will it help you achieve your weight loss goals, it will save you money!
  • Allow yourself a day to ‘cheat’.  Don’t go crazy, but certainly give yourself a break.

That is kind of it.  Diet is KING.  Watch what you are eating and watch the hard work you are doing in the gym be reflected in the mirror, in your clothes and on the scales.

Reminder – Thursday’s and Friday’s

Just a reminder on last week’s note about sessions on Thursday’s and Friday’s:

  • Thursday’s will feature 1-minute rounds from this week until the end-of-March.
  • All sessions from 5pm Friday all sessions will cost just $5 (again, until the end of March).

Gym Update #1

We have been approved to ‘go direct’ with Coke (as the sign on the fridge indicates) so within the next week or so will be able to offer ‘Pump’ water AND ‘PowerAde’.  In the meantime, please excuse the lower than usual water supplies in the fridge – there is a greater purpose.

Gym Update #2

The PowerRopes are BACK (even though they didn’t really go away).  One of our members (Josh Mollenhof – cheers mate) has made up some steel plates to fix the ropes too which should mean we can use them without completely destroying the rest of the building!

Looking forward to seeing them back in action this week.

Gym Update #3

Reminder to join the Round 1 Fitness Footy tipping contest.  As mentioned in the email, the prizes will be dependent on entry numbers so I can’t publish those yet, but basically the more the merrier.

The entry link is:

March Challenge is on the way…

  • 3km’s on the bike, gear 16.  Very, very simple.
  • Two divisions – Boys and Girls.  Very, very simple.
  • The prize will be simple – train the trainer (or ALL the trainers) for 1×45 minute session.  So if you want to get your own back, the March challenge is for you.

Friends of Round 1 Fitness

Just a quick note today about ‘Gold Parties Australia’.  The way it works is pretty simple – you arrange for a group of friends to come over and bring all of their unwanted gold and platinum jewellery.  I guess the theory is that everyone has broken necklaces, gifts from ex’s, single ear-rings or maybe just stuff they will never wear again lying around.

Each guest then spends 15 minutes with a valuer from ‘Gold Parties Australia’ who appraises the gold (tests the quality, weighs the product) and then makes them an offer for the gold.  If they accept, they hand over the gold on the spot – if not, no harm / no foul and they keep the jewellery!  The party host also receives a dividend at the end of the night – 10% of the total sales at the party plus an extra $50 for each additional party booked on the night.

Helen MacNeilage (a member and regular at our 9:15am sessions) works for ‘Gold Parties Australia’ and can be reached on 0468 922 375 or by email to ‘’.

Link of the week

With the impending arrival of the PowerAde drinks into the gym, this weeks link is all about sports drinks:

There are actually 4 articles in the series to flick through (the brands are very American-centric unfortunately) but I hope it will give you an idea of what to look for and what you might potentially get from using them…

Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

See you in the gym!