Corporate Training

Round 1 Fitness – ‘The Boxing Fitness Gym’ – is now MOBILE and offers training solutions to companies and sporting groups at a location convenient to YOU.  Whilst we cannot replicate the full experience of being ‘AT’ Round 1, we do offer a fantastic workout that will have everyone bouncing with energy.  Our mobile program includes a wide-range of activities including:

  • Boxing (Provision of gloves and Focus mitts included).
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Sandbags
  • Power Ropes
  • Skipping
  • Every imaginable body weight exercise!

Our sessions are fantastic fun – and will give you the body of a fighter without you ever having to get in the ring!

Just like the classes we run in the gym, we NEVER repeat one of our mobile work-outs and the variety in our sessions means you will always be challenged in a new way – no matter how many times you have trained with us.  Our trainers are very focussed on the needs of each individual, and are always happy to tailor each workout to meet the needs of every client to help them break through their own fitness plateaus and reach new levels of performance.

Costs for Round 1 Fitness Mobile Sessions:


Price per participant

One off Session

Block of 5 Sessions


$22.50 pp



$17.50 pp









  • Two (2) trainers will be supplied for all sessions scheduled with more than 20 participants.
  • Pricing assumes that a venue for the work-out has been identified by the client – as simple as arranging access to a suitable grassed area or tennis court.  The price per person charges assume that rental of the location has been separately covered by the client.
  • Venues can be arranged by Round 1 Fitness for a one-time administrative cost of $100.  Any costs associated with venue hire will be in addition to session costs.