The October ‘HIT IT’ Challenge

The October ‘HIT IT’ Challenge – is here. This challenge will involve a set number of classes AND set extras to be completed in each ‘WEEK’ of October. It also includes escalating food challenges/restrictions – again, week by week. As anyone who has completed 28-Days Later in the past might be able to anticipate, the old favourite ‘No Added Sweeteners of Any KIND’ is part of this challenge from the start, but a couple of the others are new to our challenges and have been inspired by the pilot participants in our new ‘Food Matters’ program. So if you are thinking ‘Food Matters’ might be the way to a long-term ‘better food choices’ plan, then maybe (just maybe) the “Hit It” challenge will be a bit of a window into ‘Food Matters’…

I am a bit of a challenge ‘junky’ I guess and jump in on all of them, but this one does look cool – and because of the ‘escalating’ nature of it, looks more than achievable for pretty much everyone…it really does ‘start slow’ and ‘get rolling’ and for me anyway I always find that structure the most ‘fun’ challenges to do.

Can. Not. Wait.