Ring The BELL – THREE (3) PT Sessions for $75

We have a great special this month for anyone thinking about getting started with some personal training:  Three (3) sessions for just $75 (a saving of $30).

Want to work on your deadlifts?  Squats?  Do some Pad-work?  Get a push with your cardio?  This could be just the thing to get you going!  No doubt our group sessions are awesome and we provide you with a lot of direction in your training – but if you want to see how far you are able to push, personal training will show you the way.  Maybe you want to work on a specific skill area, or just better understand how to use some of the equipment so you can train independently when you need to…it is called personal training because the direction it goes is 100% up-to-you!

- Please note:  This special is ONLY available to those people NEW to PT at Round 1 or anyone wanting to return to PT after a break of > 6-months.