Beach Fit 2016

Our amazing Beach Fit program – which includes a 10-week membership, 2x Body Scans, 10-days healthy eating plan (with recipes) and 10x DIY Beach Blast workouts is up and available – you can sign-up HERE.  This program is a great chance for anyone looking to get fit and strong (and hopefully even lose a couple of kgs!) over summer to do it in what is a really supportive environment down at Round 1…if you know anyone who is thinking about getting in shape or has spoken about giving the gym ‘a go’, there probably wont be a better value for money package offered by us ‘ever’…I still don’t really understand how I came up with the number of $250 for something that really should be closer to $500 based on what I am seeing offered elsewhere but there you go…anyway, if you are keen, sign up HERE!