4 Months for the Price of 3

We have a super special kicking off from today (June 6th) – and available up until this SUNDAY (June 11th).

Join the gym for 3-months ($300) and we will give you an extra month for FREE.  So if you sign up for a 3 month membership at the start of June, it wont end until OCTOBER!  Which is pretty cool.  $300 would usually get you 3 months…this week (and this week only), it will get you FOUR.

That’s an extra month of unlimited classes, an extra month of strength work, and extra month of cardio…all at NO EXTRA COST.  It also gives you access to our challenges, to running club, to personal training…

That’s it.  4-months membership for the price of 3 - (but this week only) at Round 1.

If you want to access this special, you can either drop in and see us, call the gym on 9414 1141 or sign-up via the interwebs at this link:
4 months for the Price of 3.