Casual classes, Easter hours, Mailbag

Hi and welcome to another week,

Great week of classes last week – I don’t know about everyone else, but every single morning I woke up with a different ‘sore spot’ somewhere on my body…I can’t believe this is still happening after 12-months and I hope it is a testament to the variety of the classes and effort I am putting in, rather than just my aging body!

There has been a lot of hand-wringing and confusion over the change in policy asking casual users to ‘book’ into sessions at 5pm and 6pm, Monday to Thursday.  Believe it or not (and I know no-one believes it!) this is intended to make life easier in the long-term, and not trying to make it ‘too hard’ to come to the gym.  The situation from my perspective is as follows:

-         Class attendance is highest at 5pm and 6pm.  Monday is busiest, Wednesday next busiest and Tuesday’s are third.  This has been true almost since we opened.

-         The ratio of total members to members attending classes at these times has remained effectively constant for nearly 4-months.  This just means that as membership numbers increase, attendance at these classes is increasing proportionately.

-         Attendance of casual gym users is very difficult to plot – sometimes the numbers are very high (more than 15 at a class), more often there are 5 or 6.  I cannot seem to effectively ‘trend’ these numbers.

-         Our classes change every day (as you know) and different sessions are able to cope with different numbers of users.  A lot of effort goes into the planning to try and ensure that each class is unique and challenging.  The exercises are carefully ordered to challenge you and (hopefully) really give you something in each session.  The other thing I do is make sure that the class being planned can cater for the ‘projected’ numbers for the day it has been planned for.  What happens if more people arrive than the ‘plan’ will support?  Well, it has happened a few times and we simply throw in an extra ‘station’ somewhere to cope with the numbers – this changes the experience for everyone.

Average number of casual attendees at 5pm and 6pm Mon-Thursday over the last month has been 6.2 (under the new booking system, there are 10-spots available for casual users at each session).  My choices to make sure the classes were able to cope with the gym users were as follows:

-         Exclude casual users from peak times.  Now – I don’t want to do that and as I have explained many times allowing casual users to attend the classes has been one of the ‘principles’ in my business plan from day 1.

-         Honour casual users on a first in, first served basis.  Now, whilst this would make life easy for me and the gym staff, I don’t think it is particularly fair or practical for gym users.

-         Implement a ‘booking system’ to allow casual users to ring the gym (9414 1141) on the day they want to train to book themselves in.  This to me seemed the best and fairest system.

Now, over the next few weeks as we bed the system in, I am sure that there will be some people who forget or “didn’t know” or whatever.  Don’t stress – you will still be able to train…there are going to be a few teething problems in the short-term and as long as we all try to do the right thing everything will work out in the end.


I get a few email questions each week and I thought it might be an idea to include the q and a in the blog:

Q:  Would it be better for me to lift heavy weights for low repetitions or lighter weights for high repetitions?

A:  I actually covered this topic in a previous blog – – but it certainly a question worth revisiting.

  • – To add muscle, use between 7-9 repetitions per set.
  • – To tone and lose weight, use between 10-12 repetitions per set.
  • – For strength, use between 4-6 repetitions per set.

As with all training advice though, the devil is not in the numbers – it is in the intensity level.  Lifting a weight that you COULD lift 20 times only 12 times because that is in the weight loss range, will not give you much benefit at all.  To achieve the results you want you must lift a weight that you can barely lift the number of times specified for the results you are after.  So heavy or light is not really the question – the weights should always feel heavy by the time you get to the middle of the repetition range, and the last repetition should always be a struggle.

If you have any questions you would like answered, just send them through to ‘info@round1fitness,’.

Easter Opening Hours

There is effectively a 5-day holiday coming up over Easter this year – this is because Easter and ANZAC day occur at the same time.

Day / Date Gym Hours
Good Friday CLOSED
Easter Saturday Normal Hours – 8am – 1pm
Easter Sunday CLOSED
ANZAC Day (Monday 27th) CLOSED
Tuesday 28th Public Holiday Hours – 9am – 1pm

More on Opening Hours

Due to the confusion being caused by the current timetables, the class usually scheduled for 9am on weekends will not commence until 09:15am.  There are just too many of these in circulation for me to just ignore it or ‘take it back’, so the class that DID start at 9am on weekends and public holidays will now start at 9:15am.

This will lead to a bit of a rush between the end of the first class and the start of the 10am class, but I hope everyone understands the reasoning and can be just a little bit tolerant.

Just goes to show that simply because you have proof-read something doesn’t mean that it is right!

March Challenge – IT IS OVER!

The March Challenge is now done and won.  Firstly, congratulations to everyone who had a go – I am sure the effort required in getting through the 3kms at top speed has:

-         Helped you meet your fitness goals.

-         Given you a new appreciation of how hard you CAN work which will only help you during the rest of your training.

All that said though, the results are in:

Boys Girls

-         Steve Pendleton, 5:07

-         Lloyd Rogerson, 5:08

-         Chris Kelly, 5:21

-         Ash Bachman, 5:29

-         Rob Debowski, 5:17

-         Gavin Trought, 5:30

-         James Taylor, 5:19

-         Paul O’Connor, 5:11

-         Sean O’Neill, 5:15


-         Vanessa Wilson, 7:53

-         Megan Monks, 7:05

-         Kara Rogowski, 7:59

-         Sue Potter, 8:01

WINNER:  Ryan Gais, 4:29 Winner:  Emma Pass: 5:32

All that remains now is to arrange the time for the ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions!

As for my own training for the challenge, I was very happy to get down to 4:41 and it was the training I was doing for the challenge that has led to the new bike drill – ‘Any gear you like, over 120rpm’.

Gym Update #1

A new order of the ‘club’ gloves has been placed – so for everyone who has been complaining about using the share gloves in the classes, (temporary) relief is at hand.  I received notification on Friday that the gloves have been shipped, so I am hopeful that they will arrive this week.

Gym Update #2

The 20kg barbells, 5kg dumbbells and ‘Fit Ball’ rack all arrived last week…another 4 x 20kg bars (and a rack) are also on the way – after all, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

A couple of things on the current wish list:

-         A couple of cross-trainers or perhaps a Summit trainer to provide a few more cardio options.

-         A refrigerated water cooler.

The other issue to resolve before next summer is to install some large extractor fans on the roof to assist in managing the temperatures.

Things are slowly coming together and the plan is to continue re-investing in the gym to provide all users with a better experience.

Member Profiles

Thanks for everyone who has completed a Member Profile so far.  I can’t wait to get this info up on the website – the advice and experiences being shared by everyone have proven equal parts inspirational and humorous so far.  If you want to get involved and complete the questionnaire, please grab one off the counter or let me know via email and I will send one through.

Link of the week

For those people who get to the gym 30 minutes early – or have a spare 30 minutes available after a class – rather than quietly riding a bike or walking on the treadmill you might want to give this little ab/core burning program a go.  What seems easy at first, quickly starts burning and when you get to the ‘gorilla swings’ does a little more than that.

Equipment needed?  A couple of dumbbells (just as well we have the 5kg ones now) and a little bit of room!  Rather than use the dumbbells for the ‘swings’ one alternative might be to use the power ropes!

Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

See you in the gym!