Injured? Keep Moving, August Mini Challenge Announcement July 27th, 2014

Hi and welcome to another week,

Wow – last Monday’s session with that ‘Kettlebell – Bike/Jump Squat – Barbell’ sequence formed one of the toughest 12-minutes in one of the toughest boxing sessions I can remember for a long time.  I remember finishing the last of the barbell static holds (which marked the end of the session) and just thinking to myself ‘I am so glad I started at station 1 – if I had to complete a 4-minute row right now I am not sure how I would do it’.  Super tough.  It has got to be good for you right?  Last week also marked the kick-off for the new set of Body Work sessions – I only managed to get through one of them last week (Class B I think it was) and it was terrific – really challenging and gave me the chance to lift some heavier weights in a group training environment.  Getting a Body Work class done once each week so I can complete all ‘5’ sessions on the schedule remains one of my training targets.

Mind you, my training targets seem like a bit of a far-off dream right now.  I am still not sure how I exactly did it, but last Thursday night I managed to take a bit of a tumble in the gym and crashed pretty heavily into one of the treadmills.  Luckily for me I didn’t bang my head (though I am sure a lot of people would say that is the least used part of my body) – however I did cop a pretty hard impact on my back and ribs.  My ribs are particularly sore and I am finding simple tasks like walking, getting up off the ground and bending over to be a real issue.  What it is making me realise though is how much I take for granted being ‘mobile’ and (relatively) strong.  And further, how hard things can quickly become when those things are taken away.

When you are injured or struggling with soreness, you really only have a few options.  The two ‘extremes’ – ignore the pain and keep going OR ‘stop everything and hope it gets better by itself’ really aren’t great though.  I guess a couple of days of ‘total’ rest might be ok, but in my experience the more time I spend doing ‘nothing’ the more I struggle with all of my body – a sore knee becomes a sore back AND knee and then a sore back, knee AND shoulder and it is like some kind of inactivity ‘disease’ spreads through my body.  Back when I was living the corporate life I felt I would continually go through this cycle.  I would run every day at lunch-time, then – after a few weeks my knee would be aching all the time which would lead to me taking ‘a couple of days off’.  Once I stopped running though, I wouldn’t replace it with walking or a weights session – I would replace it with sitting at my desk to eat lunch which, funnily enough, didn’t help my knee feel any better and also added to the tightness in my lower back…which is one of the reasons I started running in the first place.  Three months later in desperation I would start running again – annoyed at myself for having to ‘start again’ with a super tight lower back that restricted my running and a set of lungs that caught fire after approximately 34.2 steps!

Mobility is about mobility.  It is about movement.  Given I am struggling at the moment – I am really not up to doing a class – but I can walk.  And I am pretty sure I can skip a bit which is great for mobility.  I don’t think I can bear-crawl or push a sled…but I can probably ride a bike.  I can certainly do SOMETHING.  And if I can just keep moving, make sure that my hips and lower back don’t start tightening up (which I am a bit prone too) then, when my ribs all start feeling better in a few days I will hopefully be able to get straight back into it.

If you are struggling with an injury – don’t give up.  You don’t want to be going through pain for your exercise, but if you talk to your physio I am sure you will be able to get some help with things you can do that will not only not cause any pain but might actually HELP with your rehab…and we are pretty much always happy for people to modify things when the changes are about working around an injury.

If you are injured, stay positive and stay mobile.  Keep on moving.  The more you are able to move – to get up and down, to walk and crawl, the better you will recover and the more quickly you will start feeling ‘better’.  You train to live a healthy life first of all – don’t forget that when an injury or some soreness threatens to derail you or your plan.

See you in the gym.


Gym Update #1 – August Mini-Challenge is GO!

Our latest MINI-Challenge will kick off on Monday, August 4th – just one week for now.  Throughout the month of August, the challenge needs you do the following exercises every week for 4-weeks:

-       Complete 3-classes every week.

In addition to the classes, each WEEK (not each session, each WEEK!!!) you must also complete:

-       50 Kettlebell Clean and Press

-       50 Push-ups (chest to ground on EVERY ONE!)

-       50 V-Sits

-       50 Goblet-Squats

-       50 Kettlebell Swings

-       25 Pull-ups

Now – those exercises need to be completed each WEEK, not after each session.  So what you might do is complete 2 of the extras after each class (say, Goblet Squats and Pushups on one day, then Pull-ups and Kettlebell swings on the next day etc) OR you could do a few reps of each exercise on each day…This challenge is based around the famous 300 workout but I have swapped out a couple of exercises (KB Swings for Deadlifts, V-Sits for Floor Wipers, Goblet Squats for Box Jumps) just to make them a little more accessible for everyone.  I have also cut the number of pull-ups from 50 down to 25 for the same reason…if you feel like sticking at 50 pullups though, you of course have my blessing!

I have (painfully) written all of the activities up on the board for the challenge (the one above the treadmills) and all you need to do in order to participate is write your name up on the board and start recording your reps.  I would really love to see 100 names up on the board – it is time to start thinking about getting ready for some warmer weather and this challenge will be the perfect thing to kick off your ‘ready for summer’ training plan.

Gym Update #2 – New Life Plan/Muscle Plan both start in September

Late in August we will launch the newest Round 1 ‘Life Plan’ – along with a new ‘Muscle Gain’ challenge.  The launch will be at 4pm on August 31st when we will present a ‘Paleo Eating – How To Do It’ session followed by registration for the ‘Life Plan’/’Strength Challenge’.  Participation in both the Life Plan/Strength Challenge will cost $55 and included in your registration fee will be FOUR (4) InBody Scans (usually valued at $25 each) AND:

-       Life Plan:  Monthly eating plan + Diet Restrictions + Exercise Guide

-       Muscle Gain Plan:  Weekly Exercise guide

I will continue to trickle feed information about the two challenges over the next month or so, but the key things to understand now is that the kick-off date is 4pm, Sunday August 31st – costs are $55 – and we will be completing monthly assessments on the InBody Scanner rather than using callipers.

Gym Update #3 – WA Fitness Show

The Perth Fitness Show ( will be held up at the Convention centre on the weekend of 16th and 17th of August.  We will be up there with the InBody Scanner trying to spread the word whilst also taking in what the rest of the show has to offer.  The program looks awesome and hopefully a few people from R1 will have time to come up for a look.  We are supposed to be receiving 50-discounted tickets to attend the show (I am not sure what ‘discounted’ means at this stage – I haven’t received the tickets) but will make these available to R1 members when I get them.

Gym Update #4 – New Gear on the Way

Our new skipping rope solution from ‘RX Smart Gear’ ( arrived on Thursday and I got them up on the walls on Friday.  This means there is now a set of ‘speed ropes’ for use by all of our class participants – which makes skipping a LOT easier and really does make it possible for everyone to do double skips (yep, EVERYONE!).

Why did we go to this effort when the PVC ropes were doing the job?  I guess I have just gotten tired of the continually breaking skipping ropes so I have decided just to throw money at the problem in one hit rather than the constant Chinese water torture of spending $400 on ropes every couple of months.  That said, the new ropes are pretty damn expensive and need to be looked after – please make sure while you are skipping you don’t constantly whack the ropes into the chin-up bar or sleds (skip ON the CROSSES!) and DON’T USE THEM OUTSIDE!  When you finish with the ropes, please put them back neatly in the rack – they go from smallest to longest (left to right) and each rope goes in its own little holder – don’t split them up.

Gym Update #5 – Perkville Rewards Program

Processed more that $400 worth of Perkville rewards vouchers last week – fantastic.  If you want to get in on the action – access to ‘free’ personal training, Body Scans, gloves, whatever…be sure to register for the program at

The way it works is that for every single membership dollar you spend – either an ‘up-front payment’ or via the direct debit system – you get one point.  Every time you come to the gym and SCAN YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD (which is what I call checking in – please don’t think this is a ‘facebook check-in’ – you get TWO points.  Those points then turn into Round One dollars – for every 200 points you earn you will get $10, or, if you wait until you have 400 points that is worth $25.

What can you spend the ‘money’ on?  Well, anything you like.  An ‘InBody’ Body analysis.  Personal Training.  New gloves.  Protein.  Whatever you like!

Sign up at – all you have to do is register at PERKVILLE with the same email address you have registered at Round One Fitness.

Gym Update #6 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

Well, the split round is finally over, and the winner is – well, let’s just say football was the winner.  We had a three way tie for the lead – on a very ordinary score of ‘6’ between Kristy Morris, Brett Schaper, Brad Mahar and Leigh Rodgers.  ‘Bomber’ – and I am not actually sure who that is (even though I feel like I should know?) holds an overall lead of 1 ahead of Ben Mac and Kristy Morris.

Over in the Dream Team, there were some amazing scores with Kim Devereaux putting up a quite remarkable score of 2311 but STILL being beaten – a big well done to Dale Godsell and his 2316 points.  Other big scores came from Lloyd (2310) and Cam Hobson with 2290.  The ladder is very interesting with a nice family battle going on between Brad and Kade Mahar for a spot in the bottom half of the half.

Good luck next week everyone.

Link of the week

Deadlifts, sled and step-ups?  Sounds like a great combo to me!

See you in the gym!


The Paleo Way, New Challenges on the way July 20th, 2014

Hi and welcome to another week,

I loved my training last week.  I am struggling a little bit with a couple of injuries at the moment (right shoulder, left elbow) which has made it a bit tough at times, but by modifying my weights and making sure I am not ‘rushing’ through the sessions (punching properly, lifting with good technique) I have been getting through OK.  It can be a bit frustrating not being able to do ‘everything’ to the level that I would like but when the alternative is just to give up, I think managing my way through the sessions is a much (much) better alternative!

Last Thursday night, Vanessa and I headed along to ‘The Paleo Way’ event with Pete Evans up at HBF Stadium.  I had hoped to be able to share a heap of great information from the event in the blog this week – but to be honest the event was pretty disappointing…heavy on power-point slides but light with regards to practical information.  There were a couple of stories that were shared on the night that I did want to relate through this week’s blog though.

The first one of these was a quote they put up that read as follows:

“Everything has the power to strengthen you or make you weaker.  Do you know what your own food choices are doing to you?’

Now this is a pretty simple comment and one that is obvious to all of you – but I have to admit that I had never really thought of it that way.  I do think about choices – but to be truthful, a lot of my thoughts have always been about ‘balance’.  I guess what I mean by this is that I always think (have always thought) that – within reason – a little but of everything (as long as it is just a little bit) wont do you any harm.  The more time I have spent on this ‘no grains’ diet though, the more I find even a ‘little bit’ of the wrong thing can really slow me down.  The more I eat the ‘right way’, the more I realise that eating the ‘wrong way’ can leave me feeling lethargic and ‘flat’.

Now, I am probably a bad example because I have been on a bit of an eating ‘journey’ for a couple of years now, but I just couldn’t imagine eating from a fast food restaurant these days – no matter what the circumstances.  I train too hard to allow my eating choices to drag me backwards from a health or body composition perspective.  It just isn’t worth it.  If that means I need to ‘wait’ for a little while before being able to eat properly, then I just have to wait.  In fact I deserve to wait because I should have been more organised and sorted out my food the night before.  Do you know what your own food choices are doing to you?

The second thing I wanted to relate to you was a story told by Pete Evans as part of his opening to the night.  The story was about his two daughters (he told us they were aged 7 and 9 at the time of the story) and the girls had been asking him for a pet rabbit.  Given my experience with 7 year olds and 9 year olds, I suspect that if they had asked for a rabbit once they had probably asked for a rabbit 1000 times – and getting a rabbit would have been their entire focus (right up until the time they actually GOT the rabbit of course!).  Anyway, he picked the girls up from a party and they both had the traditional post-party lolly bags – of course, they wanted the lollies and asked their Dad if they could eat them.

As he told the story, he related that he didn’t want to say “no” – he wanted the girls to reach their own decisions about what the right and wrong thing to do might be.  So he asked them – if grass, lettuce and an occasional carrot – was the best food for a rabbit, what might the girls feed a pet rabbit if they were to get one.  The girls are smart – they want the rabbit – so of course they replied that they would feed the rabbit grass, lettuce and an occasional carrot.  The story went on with Pete asking his daughters what they might do if the kids down the road also had a rabbit – but those kids let their rabbit eat whatever it wanted – and they gave the rabbit lollies and it really (really) liked them.  Even though they know that rabbits need grass, lettuce and an occasional carrot, would they feed their rabbit lollies because they knew the rabbit down the road ate them and really liked them?

The girls are smart of course, and said that if the best food for a rabbit is grass, lettuce and an occasional carrot, then that is what they would feed it – no lollies, even if rabbits like them.  “That’s great news”, replied Pete.  “And what you two need to understand is that you are MY rabbits and I only want you to eat the food that is best for you.”

A simple story about food choices.  “Everything has the power to strengthen you or make you weaker.  Do you know what your own food choices are doing to you?  Do you know what your own food choices are doing to your kids?”

See you in the gym.


Gym Update #1 – Perkville Rewards Program

It has been great seeing so many people redeeming vouchers for Round 1 through our rewards program at Perkville -  A few people seem to have been a bit ‘nervous’ about using the vouchers…you shouldn’t be.  It took a couple of weeks work to get it all up and running, validate the links between the membership system and Perkville to provide the system…of COURSE I want you to use it.

Remember, for every single membership dollar you spend – either an ‘up-front payment’ or via the direct debit system – you get one point.  Every time you come to the gym and SCAN YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD (which is what I call checking in – please don’t think this is a ‘facebook check-in’ – you get TWO points.  Those points then turn into Round One dollars – for every 200 points you earn you will get $10, or, if you wait until you have 400 points that is worth $25.

What can you spend the ‘money’ on?  Well, anything you like.  An ‘InBody’ Body analysis.  Personal Training.  New gloves.  Protein.  Whatever you like!

Sign up at – all you have to do is register at PERKVILLE with the same email address you have registered at Round One Fitness.

Gym Update #2 – Upcoming Challenges and Events

We have a few things coming up for August and September.  So for those who are interested, it is going to look a little bit like this.

We will kick things off in August with our next ‘mini-challenge’.  This challenge will be based around the 300-workout and there will be a set number of reps of each of the ‘300’ elements that you need to complete each calendar week.

In September we will be kicking off a new Life-Plan – and a brand new ‘Muscle Gain’ challenge.

The new Life Plan will be similar to the last one in that it will go for multiple months – but, hopefully learning from the first Life Plan we ran earlier this year, this one will run for 3-months (from the start of September to the end of November) rather than six (6).  Like the 6-month plan, the new one will feature diet restrictions AND an exercise/recovery program (classes plus extras) to complete each month.  In advance of the new Life Plan starting, I am planning to run a nutrition ‘how to’ session at the gym on Sunday August 31st (just in time for the first week of the life plan).  This isn’t going to be a ‘why’ session – it is going to be focussed on HOW to structure your eating when you are on a ‘life plan’ type diet (primarily, no grains or added sugars).

The ‘Muscle Gain’ challenge will run for 3-months in parallel with the Life Plan.  It will consist of 12-weeks worth of pre-set weights programs (+ weekly conditioning) that need to be completed – the aim of this challenge will be maximum muscle gain within a 3-month timeframe.  Recovery and diet will also be included in this challenge.

We will be using the InBody scanner to support both the new Life Plan AND the Muscle Gain challenge.

Gym Update #3 – WA Fitness Show

The Perth Fitness Show ( will be held up at the Convention centre on the weekend of 16th and 17th of August.  We will be up there with the InBody Scanner trying to spread the word whilst also taking in what the rest of the show has to offer.  The program looks awesome and hopefully a few people from R1 will have time to come up for a look.  We are supposed to be receiving 50-discounted tickets to attend the show (I am not sure what ‘discounted’ means at this stage – I haven’t received the tickets) but will make these available to R1 members when I get them.

Gym Update #4 – New Gear on the Way

As everyone who looks at the Facebook site will know, we have a really exciting new skipping solution from ‘RX Smart Gear’ ( in the next week or so.  I guess I am just a bit tired of the continually breaking skipping ropes so I have decided just to throw money at the problem in one hit rather than the constant Chinese water torture of spending $400 on ropes every couple of months.  What the new solution means is that we will have a set of ‘speed ropes’ for use during classes with a purpose built rack.

On the subject of speed ropes, a new delivery of Magnum Speed ropes will be available from reception within the next few days.  These are a great product and will be available for $25 – each rope is easily customised and a great addition to your training bag.  It might sound silly but a skipping rope is a very individual thing and having one you can ‘trust’ makes doing doubles, knees-up skipping etc so much easier – which in turn really helps improve your training.  For me, I occasionally will use a ‘normal’ rope in a class if it is 2-minute rounds, but for anything longer than that I grab my speed rope out of my training bag just because I KNOW it is the right size and it makes skipping so much less of a frustration when you have a rope that is perfect for you.  Remember as well, if you have 5-minutes spare before a class it is better spent with a rope in your hands than just standing around and ‘waiting’ – and as a dynamic warm-up, skipping is a much better option than sitting on a spinning bike.

Gym Update #5 – New Gloves and Hoodies

Great news last week in that our delivery of bag mitts, mma gloves and long sleeve hoodies arrived.  As part of the delivery of bag mitts we also refreshed our hire gloves with 30 new pairs – hopefully this makes things just a ‘little bit’ nicer for beginners and anyone who has ‘forgotten’ their gloves.

Our bag mitts are available in all sizes at the moment – at just $25 they are a great training option for our gym and the best value boxing gloves you will find anywhere.  The MMA gloves are also a great product and (I think) much improved from the original design we had a couple of years back – like the bag mitts, $30 is a great price for such a quality item.

Gym Update #6 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

Half way through the split round, it seems two games have tripped up everyone in the competition – Carlton beating North Melbourne and the Saints beating the Do(r)kers.  Somehow, devout Kangaroos man – Leigh Rodgers – tipped the Blues to beat his team and this places him a point clear of the field at the half-way mark.  Personally, I think he should have to hand that point back for deserting his heavily favoured team, but I guess his conscience will be his guide.

Over in DreamTeam it is difficult to assess things as some teams have had more players play than others – it isn’t exactly a level playing field right now.  But…Dale’s “Magpieman” and Kim’s “Half Time Heroes” are fighting out a high scoring game, whilst Dale Klompmaker’s “Dales Dreamers” is the highest scoring team at half way.

Good luck next week everyone.

Link of the week

A couple of links this week.  First off, a fun one about the National Grid League in the US – some great (if very long!) videos of the competitions are up on YouTube and this little overview one will give you an insight:

Next, a link to a pretty cool site where you can get organic meat online – pretty good prices and looks like a great product from local suppliers.

See you in the gym!


Gym Culture, Life Plan, Train Like a Girl July 13th, 2014

Hi and welcome to another week,

Great week of sessions last week.  I am really happy with the way the new schedule for Body Work has worked – the rotation on sessions between each day of the week over a 5 week block has really added some ‘variety’ to my training life.  I have actually found myself happy to do more than one BW session in a week lately – whereas under the ‘old’ system the ‘threat’ of having to complete the same workout twice in 3 days was enough to drive me back to my desk…The boxing classes have been fantastic as well – having a look back through some ‘old’ plans during the week I was quite amazed at how much more challenging our sessions are these days…I guess that’s a good thing?  I tried to look at it from a programming perspective – just how improved the progressions are, how integrated the classes are within weeks and from one week to the next – but there is no getting away from the fact that classes in 2014 are a LOT harder than those in 2011.  Or 2012.  Remember though, it isn’t about ‘how many’ – it is about doing things as with good technique (and therefore safely) and doing as many as YOU can given your current state of strength and fitness.

Along the same lines as this, I have been doing some work lately on a ‘Round One Fitness’ “Culture Statement” which tries to define what the gym is for – why we exist I guess and what we aspire to be.  When I get it ‘right’ I want it up on the walls for everyone to see…I thought I would share it in ‘current state’ this week:

Why we exist

Round One Fitness was created to help people who are seeking to live a fit and healthy life, but need individual guidance – through group training sessions, small group training and personal training – in order to achieve those goals.

Why we feel training is the key to success

For people to maintain the highest standard of living possible right throughout their lives they need to participate in a challenging fitness program at a minimum several times a week. The core to achieving long-term success in fitness is a combination of interval training and strength training – these two things are at the heart of our training programs and the key to sustainable health and fitness over time.

Our mission statement

We Help Change Lives

Round One Fitness exists for one reason – To constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. We have an obligation to our members to provide a safe training environment with dedicated knowledgeable staff, striving to help as many clients as we can reach their full fitness potential, achieve their goals and beyond.

Our philosophy:

- We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through our training sessions.

- We train EVERYONE as an athlete regardless of their age or current level of conditioning.

- Every client is treated as equals. We never prejudge potential by the current condition of the client.

- Interval training RULES.  Interval training is the foundation of our training model and we encourage all of our clients to include our interval sessions – Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork – within their training regime.

- Upright, holistic, full body is our constant approach.

- You can’t out train a bad diet. We teach nutrition by the art of reduction. We do not believe in diets, we believe in seeking a healthier life through better food choices.

- Cardio training only works if intensity is present.

- We don’t train to absolute failure – we DO train to challenge.

- Lift heavy, lift often.  We encourage all of our clients to add strength training to their weekly program.

- Everyone has problems – and we will work to help them resolve them in any area of their training / diet that is required.

- Each athlete is challenged at their current level of fitness – scaling or modifying as required – whilst training collectively to leverage the most out of the group training environment

Our core workout format (approximately 50 minutes per session)

- Dynamic Warm-up (3 minutes)
- 30-40 minutes of interval training.  Minimum of 8 minutes of each session should be strength focused.
- Core exercises (2-5 minutes)
- 3-5 minutes foam roll / stretch

Beginners Sessions:

Our Beginners sessions are designed to focus on TECHNIQUE – punching, core kettle bell, dumbbell and barbell movements, rowing, push-ups and squats.  Everyone is trained as an athlete and ensuring our clients have strong, basic movements is the primary reason for running beginners classes.

Our Rules for Coaching:

- Our sessions START and END on time. Our clients have lives and we are grateful for their time and money.

- Our coaches will focus on the group/client assigned to them exclusively. They will not use their phones (except as a timer if needed) and will keep conversations limited to those who are part of their training group.  One exception to this rule is to assist another client who might be doing something that will result in injury.

- Our coaches know the names of our clients and are interested in helping them.

- Every client is thanked every time they workout with us. We get paid because they pay us – we are grateful for their support of Round One Fitness.

- Our coaches are INVOLVED.  We are not rep counters: we are professional coaches. We look to continually engage with our clients when they are training and assist with their movements, focusing on correct technique and continuous improvement.  We don’t stand with our arms crossed acting as if bored. We don’t sit down on the floor cross-legged counting reps. We don’t lean on equipment while coaching – we pay attention, coach closely and offer guidance and feedback.  Our goal is to stay connected with the client for the duration of their session.

Anyway – that’s what we think.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the current state of our draft and any feedback you might have.  Please share on FACEBOOK or via email to me on

See you in the gym.


Gym Update #1 – 6-Month Life Plan

A huge (HUGE) congratulations to everyone who made their way to the end of the 6-month Life Plan. I think it is pretty fair to say that everyone who started the challenge ‘had their moments’ when they slipped off the wagon, lost motivation, found it all too hard…but to those dedicated souls who, despite that, jumped back on the horse and made their way to the end a huge ‘Well Done’ from me and everyone else at Round 1.

What were the learnings?  From my side, pretty simple.  The most immediate impact with regards to weight loss came after month 1 – pretty simple stuff really, cut out ALL bread/bread products and be super strict on sugar and alcohol…if you follow the rules then the weight comes off.  The second primary learning is that the biggest ‘overall’ drop in skin-folds came between month 3 and month 5 when the weights programs were introduced – if you want to achieve more than weight loss, then adding some dedicated strength training to your program is really important.

I will be putting together graphs showing the changes for everyone who finished the Life Plan over the next couple of weeks.

Gym Update #2 – InBody 570 Body Analyser

 We have completed around 100x scans now and results continue to be mostly positive.  The information that each scan gives you about your body composition – quantity of muscle/fats/water (and where!!) – is quite amazing and can really help you target your training (especially your EXTRAS).  If you haven’t done the scan yet ($25 members, $35 non-members) then I would really encourage you to give it a go – it enables you to see EXACTLY where you are at (no BS potential) and paints a pretty clear picture of what, where and how you should be looking at trying to improve.

Gym Update #3 – New Gear on the Way

We are still waiting, waiting for our new gloves etc to arrive in the gym.  The gear was shipped a little over a week ago and I can only hope we see it in the next day or so.  Our new hoodies have also shipped – cant wait to get them in as well.  Keep your eyes out for them…

Gym Update #4 – Perkville Rewards Program

Just a quick reminder about our rewards program – PERKVILLE.  You can sign up for the program at and – as long as you use the same email address that you have registered with Round One Fitness you will automatically start earning points.

How many points?  Well, 1-point for every $ you spend on your membership, packages (10-round passes, Tanks Passes) or personal training.  And 2-points every time you come to the gym and scan your membership card.  For every 200 points you earn you will get a $10 voucher for the gym – or wait until you consolidate 400 points and you will get a $25 voucher.

Gym Update #5 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

Congratulations to Tim Smith and Kelly Burdett who both managed 8 out of 9 in a weekend of footy that included a few upsets.  The up and down results of our leaders has seen Bomber hold onto his one tip lead, BUT the challengers are coming with 12 tipsters within 3 points of the leaders.  Sadly, I am not one of them!

Over in DreamTeam, some amazing individual scores (come on down, Jackson Macrae!) have really impacted on this week’s results.  Top score for the week belonged to Half Time Heroes on 2214, second was Lloyd’s Gym Gods on 2207 and 3rd was ‘Snake Eyes MKIII’ on 2176.  Unfortunately for Snake Eyes, given this weeks match-ups, that score was a LOSING one.

There is a split round over the next two weeks of the season so remember that when entering your tips.

Good luck next week everyone.

Link of the week

Train like a girl:

See you in the gym!


SURGE towards your goals, Elevator Challenge, Body Analyser June 22nd, 2014

Hi and welcome to another week,

Welcome to another week.  Before I start with the blog this week, I just need to get something off my chest.  As I posted on Facebook earlier in the week, apologies to the 7pm Body Work (Monday and Wednesday) crews…I may have been just a touch TOO relentless on you.  Marvin Dressels – back to back 1500m rows (sub 5:30 each time) was probably harsh, given the class called for one 500m row.  John Simunovich – pulling DOWN on you with a power band whilst you were doing pull-ups was probably a little unnecessary. Shannon Vadala – I maybe should have let you do those sets of 40 decline pushups without pushing down (hard) on your back.  Gab Gessner – perhaps that last set of 24x 50kg squats was un-called for.  Shaun Liang, making the entire group start the tabata thrusters again when you changed bars just MIGHT have been unfair.  Blake Humphries – I admit I kind of encouraged you to change bikes – but then punished everyone when you did…and everyone else I did something else too, well, I am truly (really) sorry!

Now that’s out of the way…

The change in the BodyWork scheduling that has meant we use the same SET of classes over 5-weeks but roll them between the ‘days of the week’ seemed to get off to a positive start.  We have always (always) changed our Boxing for Fitness class every single day – I have an excel workbook of around 1400 of them for anyone who is ever curious to have a look.  Body Work though – usually only runs once a day (twice on Tuesday and Friday) – has traditionally been the same session plan for the entire week.  The new plan means I don’t write any ‘extra’ session plans, but rather than use the same plan for a week the plans roll from Monday in week 1, to Saturday in week 2, Friday in week 3 etc.  In this way, anyone who wants to do multiple BodyWork sessions in the one week wont have to do the same session twice.  Of course, we wont know if this is a ‘success’ for a few weeks yet but feedback to this point has been positive and it is something I believe is worth persisting with.

In this week’s blog, I just wanted to touch on something that I think is particularly relevant to anyone who is trying to complete the ‘ELEVATOR’ challenge this week.  It is something I have found out (the hard way) at times in the past 6-months and something I guess we have all experienced in one way or another throughout our lives.

Living your life in ‘BALANCE’ – work, family, friends, fitness, hobbies – is an ideal, but at times it is not just a dream, it is simply just not appropriate to your circumstances.  Sometimes you simply have to focus in on a singular goal and SURGE.

I guess every business owner and accountant can relate to this around EOFY.  Every teacher when they are writing reports.  Every person who is part of a sporting team around finals time.  Every student when exams are upcoming.  And everyone with family when their kids are sick or involved striving towards THEIR goals.

There are times when you simply have to FOCUS in on one thing and go for it.  If you want to (or HAVE to!) achieve something ‘important’ in your life, you need to put ‘balance’ aside.  BALANCE is for your ‘NORMAL’ life.  When you are desperate to complete something, or determined to achieve a goal, you just need to really go for it and ‘Get it DONE’.  Sure, this might mean other elements of your life take a back-seat for a week or so (or a couple more if it is REALLY important).  It might mean missing one of your kid’s sporting events to get some extra work done.  It might mean missing out on a work meeting to see your kid’s school assembly.  And it might mean missing out on some sleep and getting out of bed half-an-hour earlier to get your ‘EXTRAS’ done to complete the June Challenge in the gym.  Whatever it is, there are times in life when you just have to grit your teeth, focus hard on the immediate goal and SURGE!

If something is important to you, you can’t use a torch-light to make sure you can see it clearly – you need a SPOT LIGHT.  You need to be able to look at things that are important to you with a laser focus – and really make sure you get the most from your efforts.  If you are not prepared to make a sacrifice (or two) and really FOCUS on your goal – really surge towards the outcome you want – then the results you want will be the ones you deserve (and not the ones you are dreaming of).

See you in the gym.


Gym Update #1 – Get it Done ELEVATOR Challenge

It has been super to see so many people having a crack at the Elevator Challenge…and this week the elevator really starts going UP.  We are now up to SIX (6) classes, 6km Bike (g16), 6km Rower, 60 Pushups, 60 Situps, 60 Goblet Squats, 60 KB Swings and 60 Back Extensions…you have made it THIS far – make sure you get yourself to the end.

Just a ‘by the way’ comment, if you really want to benefit from the challenge – when you are doing your ‘EXTRAS’, really ‘HAVE A CRACK’.  Casually rowing 1km per day whilst chatting to someone is not the way you ‘Get it Done’.  It is not the way you build strength and power and improve your body composition going into July – it is just getting a tick in the box for a job ‘done’ rather than a job  done ‘WELL’.  To add to the challenge, I would further challenge you to this – if you are doing your rowing in 1km intervals, each interval should be completed in LESS than 2mins (boys) and 2:10 (girls).  And the bike 1km intervals should be completed within 2mins (boys) and 2:10 (girls) – yes, the times are the same and no it is not a typo.  Those times should be achievable for everyone who has gotten this far in the challenge if you have really been giving it your best.

Give it your ABSOLUTE best and you will be amazed at the outcome.

Good luck everyone.

Gym Update #2 – InBody 570 Body Analyser

 We have completed around 50x scans now and I have been particularly happy with the results so many people are achieving.  If you haven’t done the scan yet ($25 members, $35 non-members) then I would really encourage you to give it a go – it enables you to see EXACTLY where you are at (no BS potential) and paints a pretty clear picture of what, where and how you should be looking at trying to improve.

Gym Update #3 – The Versa Climber

The pain of the Versa has been experienced by most of you by now…start getting ready for a mini-challenge in the last couple of weeks in July – the race up the Washington Monument.  It is the ‘lowest’ of the target distances on the Versa Climber presets and is just 169m.  I think a ‘good’ time will be around abouts the 4minute mark.

Get climbing – and get ready for the mini-challenge.  We will do age-group based prices (I haven’t worked it through yet) of free ‘InBody 570’ Body Scans.

Gym Update #4 – New Gear on the Way

Got a terrific update on our new gear that is on the way – MMA gloves, Bag Mitts (XL’s especially) and new ‘SHARE’ gloves will all ship early this week – Long sleeve hoodies will ship LATE in the week (probably Friday).  The long sleeve hoodies will be the same design as the short sleeve ones – Round 1 on the breast, Boxing for Fitness on the back – and will be the same price ($45).

I know, you would think that because they have less material in them (no sleeves) the sleeveless ones would be cheaper but that isn’t the way it works! J

Gym Update #5 – Perkville Rewards Program

OK.  We had a little bit of a hiccup with Perkville last week with points not being credited from the 9th of June through to around about the 18th – we have been working with both suppliers to make sure all points that were accrued ‘in the interim’ are back credited…hopefully I have managed this but it has not be the most straight forward of processes particularly with check-ins…nevertheless, it is all back up and working now.

I have had a couple of people ask sheepishly if they can use their Perkville points for Personal Training, for InBody scans, for a new set of bag mitts….the answer is YES.  You can redeem the points for ANYTHING in the gym.  If you want to use them for a discount on protein powder, that is definitely what you should do…redeem the points and just bring in the redemption certificate on your phone (or a print out) and we will happily accept it.

Gym Update #6 – 6-Month Life Plan

Only a couple more weeks left in the 6-month Life Plan – and whilst I am still signing ‘some’ sheets, there is no doubt that the addition of the conditioning on the rowers/bikes/treadmills has taken out a few more participants.  That’s fine – don’t get down or depressed about it…but you MUST stick with the eating habits you have worked so hard to develop.  Stay away from the bread – just don’t eat it.  Stay away from the sugar and artificial sweeteners – just don’t eat them.  Seriously monitor (and limit) your alcohol…and up your fresh meat and veggies.

Gym Update #7 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

The winner this week…is ME!  Hooray!  Hooray!  I guess Shelby and Ray also got 8 out of 9, but enough about them.  I won this week.  At long (long) last, the right teams have won games and I won the weekly tipping.  In the overall tipping competition, ‘BOMBER’ has moved 1 point clear from ‘ToffeeMan’ with Ben Mac close behind.

Over in the Dream Team league, the Footy Gods made a point of ensuring that I didn’t have more than one success in a weekend – with two players subbed off before half-time and another 3 or 4 well below their average I had no chance against MagpieMan (well done Dale).  Top scores in our league this week were recorded by Lloyd’s ‘GymGods’ (2159), “Kade’s Kings” (2157), Roly’s “Bourbinators” (2143) and Dale’s ‘MagpieMan’ (2140).  Great scores by those guys and congratulations to the other Round 14 winners.

Good luck next week everyone.

Facebook Highlights

Some great stuff found on Facebook this week.  We have managed to continue with the posting of a few more photos (don’t forget to check our Instagram account at round1fitnessgym for even more pics) as well as a few links I think are pretty worthwhile:

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Link of the week

Overestimating exercise and Underestimating food consumption?  Modern society?  No way that could be happening!

See you in the gym!


InBody Scans, Elevator Challenge, Versa Climber 100m – Have a go! June 15th, 2014

Hi and welcome to another week,

Welcome to another week.  My whole body is just super sore – legs hurt (a lot), back is sore, chest hurts…it has been a hard training couple of weeks.  For me the biggest change-up has been an increase in the amount of running – last week it was in Monday’s class, Body Work and (a lot) in No Rules and I did all three…it is funny, no matter how consistent you are with your training every now and again you find yourself doing something that – for whatever reason – you just haven’t done for a while.  I guess the message I have gotten (loud and clear) is that maybe doing a little more running and a little less rowing might be a good idea for a while?

We have had our new InBody 570 Body Analyser in action for a few days now and I thought I would use this weeks blog to detail what information it will provide you with.  Before I started on that, I thought I would explain WHY I got it in and the reason I selected the InBody for Round 1.

Doing the LifePlan, I have see the monthly skinfolds/measurements as a really strong ‘message’ for people about their diet and training.  Really strong.  Unfortunately, the skinfold results seem to be influenced by the person DOING the test (yes, we have a documented process but callipers are still callipers) and this makes the process a very ‘single point sensitive’ – basically, each person has to be measured by the same trainer each time to ensure ‘true’ consistency.  So what I am saying measurements are good and provide great info – but inconsistent measurements cause nothing but confusion and dissatisfaction for the person undergoing the test.

When assessing the various tools on the market, the InBody is really the only device that does not use ‘empirical’ data as part of its processing.  It doesn’t use averages, it doesn’t distinct between males and females, it doesn’t need ‘age’ as an input in order to work.  Now – I have turned those things ‘ON’ in the data collection regime because it makes the report ‘pretty’, but I have scanned myself as a 21 year old female, 63 year old male and 42 year old male (which is the correct input of course) and each time the report spits out EXACTLY the same information.  It outputs a heap of detail based on YOUR body, not based on your body whilst taking into account the average body of someone who is your age/sex.

So – what does it tell you???

Well, the idea is that it gives you information ‘Beyond the Scale’ (c’mon, I have to use SOME of the marketing lingo!) but what does this mean?  Well, it means it tells you how much of your body is FAT and how much is MUSCLE and how much is ‘something else’!  What is something else?  Bone mineral content, water content (both intra and extra cellular) and skeletal weight.  It also compares the composition of each of your arms, each of your legs and your trunk to give you some idea of specific areas of your body that could do with a training focus.

It really is quite an amazing process.  To see not only what your percentage body fat is, but also what the QUANTITY of fat is, what the QUANTITY of muscle is and WHERE it is located is quite amazing.  It further tells you what your weight SHOULD be and whether you should be targeting fat loss or muscle gain (or both!) to achieve that weight.  It gives specific, detailed information that really helps in assessing where you are at with your training and diet.

How long does a scan take?  Well, around 5 minutes or so is ALL the time it takes.  BUT – you can’t do it after training – the results jump all over the place after a training session.  It really is a matter of just arranging a time with a trainer (or asking at the gym when you get in there) and getting the scan completed.  You will walk away with a detailed report about your body composition and an explanation guide that will (hopefully) help you understand the results when you get home and cant quite remember what was explained to you after the scan.  The information it provides really is quite amazing.

All of that said, the scanning is not a free service (though I wish it was).  Each scan costs $25 for members (or you could use your Perkville points??) or $35 for non-members…and that is because the machine cost just a touch under $30K to get in the door and I have to pay the lease somehow!  So how often should you get the scan done?  Well, I would think 3-4 times each year OR as a before/after snap-shot if you are instituting a major diet change/training change to ascertain whether what you are doing is effective or otherwise.  Do I think everyone should do it?  Well – it is actually pretty interesting (I know that for me and the rest of the staff it has been a real topic of interest and has helped each of us plan our training moving forward) but it really is up to you.  There is a difference to thinking you are in ‘shape’ to getting specific info that you have 17.3% (or whatever) body fat percentage with a visceral fat rating of 6.  It provides great information and it is worth thinking about giving it a go.

See you in the gym.


Gym Update #1 – Get it Done Challenge

It has been super to see so many people having a crack at the Elevator Challenge…and this week the elevator really starts going UP.  We are now up to FIVE (5) classes, 5km Bike (g14), 5km Rower, 50 Pushups, 50 Situps, 50 Goblet Squats, 50 KB Swings and 50 Back Extensions…so the challenge is definitely ON.

What advice do I have?  Well, not much really – apart from focus on eating well AND getting in a little bit of stretching/rolling…doing that for 5-10 minutes every day might be the difference between ‘Getting it Done’ or falling by the wayside.

Good luck everyone.

Gym Update #2 – The Versa Climber

I hope everyone has had an opportunity to try out the new Versa Climber by now.  To get started, it is a pretty simple process – Press ‘Quick Start’, Press ‘Volume Down’ (several times) and then press ‘Units’ (to change from ‘feet’ to ‘metres’).  Try and see how fast you can get through 100m.  1.47 is the best time I have seen (which is really cranking) and it certainly is a challenge just pushing hard to the end.

Gym Update #3 – New Gear on the Way

We have a bit of a retail ‘update’ underway at the moment.  There are new bag mitts, mma gloves and long-sleeve hoodies (in either grey or black – simple design) as well as new hire gloves on the way.  Hopefully have all of the gear in the gym by the end of the month.

Gym Update #4 – Perkville Rewards Program

Perkville is super awesome.  As things stand right now, there are more than 30 people who have accumulated enough points for  $25 voucher to use at the gym…now, that could be used to pay for an InBody Scan, or, get yourself some new bag mitts, or, NEARLY pay for a 30minute PT session…and just for doing what you have always been doing.  Paying your membership and coming to the gym every day.  I would love it if everyone was on-board with the program…it really can be used to save you money and (hopefully) improve your experience at Round 1.

Gym Update #5 – 6-Month Life Plan

The Life Plan is in the HOME STRETCH.  It is just over a week into month 6, and (I hope) those new diet habits are well and truly entrenched by now.  If not, well – stick at it.  Don’t concede to  temptation at this late stage and if you haven’t got the results you want to this point, have a think about exactly WHY?  Have you been 100% in sticking to your diet and exercise?  Have you been getting your lifting done?  Have you tried the month 6 conditioning sessions yet?

When you are chasing results, deciding that it is too hard and just giving up is not the response – refocussing and increasing your commitment is the way to break through a threshold!

Gym Update #6 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

Well, in the two weeks since I have tallied Footy Tipping scores, Brad Mahar has successfully picked 9 out of 9 in each round.  Alas, this week, he is nowhere to be found with Mel Johnson sitting atop the leaderboard with 8/9 at this late stage.  Overall, Toffeeman and Bomber are locked together on 82 points with Ben McManus a point further back on 81.

Over in the DreamTeam, the top scores so far this round are Roly’s “Bourbinators” and my own “Round 1 Bulls”…hold the presses!  Roodelicious is equal on points with Bourbinators on top of the Round 1 ladder.

Good luck everyone.

Facebook Highlights

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Link of the week

For anyone who is looking for a cool app with links to workouts, paleo recipes and other ‘training’ information, I have been using ‘PocketWOD’ for a few weeks now and have found it a great tool.  It also includes a ‘Toolbox’ that includes a ‘workout diary’ and allows you to record your lifting efforts, as well as several different timer options that support countdowns, intervals, tabata (customisable work-rest) and “EMOTM” capability.  It is super cool.

Find it in the App Store of course but they have a web presence HERE where you can see the sort of stuff they do as well as buy training gear, supplements and all of the other stuff you might expect.

See you in the gym!