Can we experience decision fatigue?? (aka why we make bad decisions) June 17th, 2018

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Massive week last week – we have our ‘The Pledge’ challenge in full swing, we launched the new ‘SPARTANS’ program (kicking off in July) AND – of course, had 10000 group sessions running.  Already in the works is the first ’13-week Strength Plan” (scheduled to kick off in August)…and work on ‘Summer Slam 2018’ is already underway (long live the ‘Tre Hundo’ workout!).  There is cool, new stuff happening ALL the time…

If you have the time to have a bit of a flick through this article HERE – ‘Understanding EGO Depletion’ by Daniel Ariely – what I am about to write about will make a bit more sense.  It was the first paragraph of the article that sucked me in and it reads like this:

“From your own experience, are you more likely to finish half a pizza by yourself on a) Friday night after a long work week or b) Sunday evening after a restful weekend? The answer that most people will give, of course, is “a.” And in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s on stressful days that many of us give in to temptation and choose unhealthy options. The connection between exhaustion and the consumption of junk food is not just a figment of your imagination.”

Read that again.  “…on STRESSFUL days, many of us give into temptation…”.  I know that sure sounds like me.  The question is – WHY!

Well, Ariely goes into it a fair bit in his article (which is awesome and interesting and I recommend you read it) but one of the reasons we make poor decisions in a stressed state is because we effectively reach ‘decision fatigue’…simply put, we can only make so many ‘good decisions’ before our tired brains give in to our most basic instincts (“I will be eating the cake for desert thank you very much”) rather than making a more considered choice (“I really don’t think I need a piece of cake today”.)

So – if you were wondering why it was so easy to eat healthy/get to the gym early in the week whereas by the time Friday comes around it is all ‘…to hell with that, I’m off to the pub…’ then this is a large contributing factor.  By the end of the week, we are ‘decision exhausted’ and will just do the easiest, laziest thing possible.  The question is I guess, how you prevent the daily grind of decision making causing you to repeatedly ‘slip up’ every weekend (or after dinner every night??).  The answer of course is to minimise your daily decision making by establishing positive habits.

To many people I talk to in the gym, the very idea of breakfast in the morning is one that causes them to ‘make decisions’ which in turn contributes to STRESS.  So make life easy – establish a pattern where you make ALL of your breakfasts for the working week once each week, and eat the same thing every day.  Overnight oats are awesome – make those jars up, put them in the fridge and have a jar every morning.  You can say the same for bacon and egg cups or a simple quiche or frittata…we have provided heaps of these recipes in our various challenge packs and if you ever want one, just let us know.  J

What about your gym/training life?  Just go at the SAME TIME every day/week.  Get in a rhythm and take the decision making out of it.  GO.  Whether it is in the mornings, at lunch time, after work or later, after dinner…make the decision and G-O.  Yes, it is really (really, really) hard for shift workers as they don’t have that luxury BUT there is always a way to modify the process – after night shift, I finish work, go home, sleep then GYM before I start my next shift.  Whatever the DECISION, make it, then get on with it.

Shift as many decisions off my plate as possible – don’t deal with stuff from ‘day to day’ – make them ‘up front’ then get on with it. And avoid second guessing – that is utterly paralysing and exhausting.  It IS better to make fast decisions and correct your errors later than to let your mind go back and forth trying to figure out the ‘perfect’ answer.  Living with a decision isn’t usually hard; making the decision is hard.

If you have a plan to fix your diet or crank up your training after a couple of weeks‘ off the wagon, make your ‘how too’ decisions and get on with it.  Just follow the plan you have laid out – make your meals on Sunday’s, join in the group sessions at the gym, get up at the SAME TIME every day…protect your ‘decision making power’ so you can deal with your boss at work and roll with the punches with the kids at home – don’t waste decisions on food and training…make those decisions ‘up-front’ and just stick to them.

Remember, your training doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to research a new and “perfect” diet.  Go to the gym, listen to the coach run through the session plan then ‘do that’.  Follow one of the gazillion eating plans we have given out in the gym – the 5-day plan that came with “The Pledge” challenge is a great example – and stick with it.  Minimal decisions.  Maximum results.

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Real gyms are about COACHING and ‘REAL’ training June 10th, 2018

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Just over a couple of months ago, Round 1 turned EIGHT years old.  To say that there have been a few changes in the interim years is a MASSIVE understatement.  I know I have been kind of letting gym birthday’s fade into insignificance over the past couple of years – just like birthdays after age 40 (30??) it just seems a bit narcissistic shouting out to the world that 365 days have passed since you last celebrated ‘ME’ – but we are on the verge of launching our new website and in going through a heap of photos to put it together, I stumbled across a bunch of ‘stuff’ showing exactly how much things have changed…

IMG00404-20110525-1430-1 26895_1217006909909_6465015_n 25113_1249414280073_8276796_n 469951_3058803753679_578165925_o 340040_10151097109442917_1587437013_o 65379_10151189106312917_1287257975_n 197824_10151209774427917_867326203_n 382022_10151232958247917_393420121_n 551358_4555240243656_1252611989_n 26093_1266775554094_1716358_n 308374_10150376161452869_1707007473_n 149308_161704320625933_26206052_n 478448_3492266700229_1101718696_o 480133_10151151120533042_663874046_n

…and funnily enough, how much they have stayed EXACTLY the same.

When I opened the gym, we didn’t have much gear – as was regularly pointed out to me by people who came in ‘for a look’.  Not only that, we didn’t have a ‘launch’ budget – let alone an advertising budget – and my entire plan was to rely on my clients to spread the word about Round 1.  Looking back I think having zero money to spend was a bit of an advantage for the long term – our focus HAD to be on creating unique, quality training sessions that get results for ‘real’ clients as opposed to ‘selling’ a whole heap of equipment that looks good when people come in the gym ‘for a look’ but then sits idle every day.

So in our gym we had a heap of bags to hit, rowers, bikes, barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls.  The equipment ‘expansion’ plan that I had in my top drawer has been followed pretty closely – kettlebells, bumper plates and pull-up rigs all followed in the first couple of years after we opened.

I have to admit, when we finished installing all of the pull-up rigs just before Christmas 2015 (we also replaced the Spin Bikes with Assault bikes at the same time) to looking about the place and saying ‘this is all I am ever going to need’.  And it kind of was.  We got people SUPER fit.  We had people losing weight, gaining muscle and achieving goals including adventure racing, fun runs, marathons, triathlons and CrossFit competitions.

These days, I can afford to buy more equipment.  But – as you might have noticed – what I buy is more of the SAME equipment.  This year we have put in new heavy bags, upgraded from the assault bikes to the Concept 2 Bike Ergs, purchased new deadballs and got some more barbells.  Last year it was the Ski-ergs (to me, the single best piece of conditioning equipment in the world) and the SPARC’s to enable EVERYONE to complete the ‘running’ activities we program safely and without impact.  But that’s kind of it.  When you come to Round 1, you are going to hit the bags, row the boats (rowers!), do squats, pushups and kettlebell swings.  Because THAT is what works.

People who TRAIN know that having a variety of training equipment available is not a solution.  Because 90% of it you will never use.  You WILL use a squat rack, swing a kettlebell and throw a medicine ball.  You will row, run, ride and – if you are lucky – ski!  Comfortable, padded machines undoubtedly look COOL – and we have a few upstairs for people who need that accessory work – but that stuff isn’t CORE…it is the stuff you use to supplement your training if you have spare time, it is NOT the basis of what you should be doing.  If you want to get fitter and stronger, you don’t need more equipment – you need to do more WORK!

Almost everyone who comes to Round 1 has lived the globo gym life and said things like “gyms don’t work for me” – read Aleks profile here under ‘Advice to Share’ for a typical story – and they are right.  Gym’s don’t work.  Coaches do.  If you want to train, you need to get coached and managed through every session – held accountable for the things you are doing every time you get in there…well, you do if you want to get results because none of us try as hard by ourselves as we do when someone else is watching.

I’ve said it before but if you get the chance to visit the gym of a professional sporting club, you will see it looks a LOT like Round 1.  Well – there wont be as many bags, but there WILL be a boxing ring.  And rows upon rows of squat racks, pull-up bars, kettlebells, dumbbells and rowers.  ‘Cos that’s the stuff that works!  I’m lucky enough to have seen (more than) a few, and rather than ask you to believe me, here’s a couple of shots to prove the point:
IMG_0206 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0213 IMG_0215 IMG_0526 IMG_0528 IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0539 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0552 IMG_0553

Since we started the gym back in 2010, we certainly have MORE gear.  But it is still the SAME gear.  The coaching is a LOT better (offering 10+ sessions every day tends to help coaches get the reps they need to improve!)…and that ultimately is what it is all about!

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Pledge Challenge – The Workout Videos June 4th, 2018

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So proud of everyone’s efforts last week – particularly during our bike ‘team challenges’ on both Monday and Thursday.  Just the willingness of everyone to really have a go and push hard to achieve the best possible result was so impressive…to the teams that ‘WON’ – awesome.  To everyone else?  Awesome!

I have to say that I love the fact we were able to run these sessions and look forward to doing it every few weeks moving forward…we did do it once upon a time with the assault bikes – but unfortunately being confident that the bikes could ‘last’ through a class without a breakdown was an issue.  Now that we have the new Concept2 bike ergs we have no such concerns.

As it is the long weekend I really don’t want to write too much – I know the weekend messes around (in a good way) with everyone’s blog reading ritual so I am going to be quick and not try to overload you with content.

First off, all of the workout videos for our latest challenge – ‘The Pledge’ – are up on our YouTube channel.  You can access the playlist HERE or each of the individual videos are located as follows:

Lower Body Primal Plus:

Perfect Pair Plus:


Cardi-NO (Lower Body):

Cardi-NO (Upper Body):

Kettlebell Coyote:

C2 Pyramid:

Bike/Burpee Blast:

Upper Body Primal with C2 Extend:

Big Lift Challenge:

I have tried (hard) to keep the content of each video down to less than 2-minutes – so if you have any concerns about any of these ‘EXTRA’ workouts, please be sure to check out the video ‘HOW TO’ instructions before you have a go…

That’s it.  Have an amazing long weekend.  And – of course – if you haven’t signed up for the challenge, well, what can I say.  You should.  We run these things because they get people RESULTS – we are consistently averaging weight loss of > 3kgs per person in these combined food/training challenges over more than 4-challenges and 800+ participants…they work.  And the first day was today (Monday) so it is nowhere near too late…anyway, the sign-up link is HERE:  Sign-up for ‘The Pledge’ Challenge!

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