The Teeth Cleaning Challenge March 18th, 2018

Hi and welcome to another week,

Thanks to everyone who got down to Round 1 during the week – and special thanks to everyone who headed along to C.Y. O’Connor beach this morning for our beach training session.  I had a bit of a ‘funny’ training week myself – I only did 2x boxing classes somehow but 2x body works and 1x ‘No Rules’…that isn’t really the way I LIKE to do it (usually just do 1x Body OR No Rules each week) and it certainly wasn’t the plan…just how things turned our re- my availability at class times!  I don’t feel too bad for the change up (surprisingly) but still hope to get a little bit more of a Boxing ‘fix’ in the week ahead.


Thanks also to everyone who has completed the ’28-Days Later Survey’ (still open HERE by the way:  There has been some valuable feedback so far (more on that next week) but I wanted to say straight away:

If you have done a Body Scan but DON’T understand the scan output, please reach out. 

It is no excuse at all (of course it isn’t) but it can be almost impossible to go through a body scan ‘in depth’ on the scan in days – the booking sheet has a schedule of 2 people every 5-minutes – but if you don’t understand the information we really WANT TO help you do so…just send me a note or catch me in the gym and we can step our way through the output.

The body scan stuff – and the challenge – has had me working on something recently around creating training ‘PRESCRIPTIONS’ for people based on their data and their health/fitness goals.  If anyone would like to be part of a pilot program for this, please send me an email to ‘’.

OK.  I know I promised some more challenge data and stuff for this week BUT because the survey is out there, I am going to hold off until NEXT week.  I guess some of what follows has come from me reading/reviewing the challenge survey responses and looking through the overall post challenge data trying to make changes…

Anyway – all of that got me thinking about other ‘important’ things in our life that we ‘just do’ rather than ‘do occasionally’.  I was not so much reflecting on the results I suppose but rather reflecting on my own challenge journey and the frustration of what ‘happens’ to my food (and drink!!) in between the challenges.  As I think I have said before, I go from the challenge ‘diet’ – let’s just simplify it and say ‘no goodies’ and ‘no alcohol’ for now – to a period of time where I ‘cheat’ maybe once per week…which is pretty OK.  Then the once per week cheat becomes twice – Friday night AND Saturday.  Then a beer on Sunday afternoon tastes nice, so that becomes three…then another couple of beers after footy on a Thursday becomes four…then icecream after a long, late work day on a Wednesday becomes FIVE.  Basically, I blink and go from SEVEN good days to only TWO just like that.  And I wonder why I am feeling tired all the time and finding the motivation to do my ‘EXTRAS’ (which truth be known shouldn’t really be extras but ‘core’ parts of my training).

What other important things in life do I NOT need a challenge to comply with?  Well, for a start, how about cleaning my teeth?  Imagine if you only cleaned your teeth once or twice each week unless you were getting your ‘teeth challenge’ sheet signed off by a trainer at the gym?  How would that go for all of us?  I reckon my dentist goes ‘OK’ financially already but just imagine how well off he would be if everyone just ‘forgot’ to clean their teeth twice each day?  Imagine if I approached teeth cleaning the same way I approach my eating/drinking habits?  I was 100% during the challenge then my compliance dropped off by 10% every month right up until the ‘next’ teeth cleaning challenge came along…or worse, I was overseas for the next challenge so my teeth cleaning continued to get less and less frequent?

I know this is all a bit fantastical but at the same time if we can learn by age 7 or 8 (actually, given what happens in my house lets go with age 13 or 14 or so) that you need to clean your teeth twice each day EVERY DAY then why is it so hard to ‘eat right’ even when you know what you are supposed to do by age ‘XX’ (where ‘xx’ = very very old in my case).  I know the reasons could probably be simplified to say ‘because chocolate is delicious’ or ‘because beer is delicious’ but this ‘eating right’ thing isn’t supposed to be about deprivation – it is supposed to be about being smart and understanding that if you have a ‘night out’ planned for Friday, then choosing to have a couple of beers after work on Thursday is not smart!

I’m rambling now – I think everyone who has gotten this far will understand exactly what I am talking about!

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

See you in the gym,


(Some) Challenge Outcomes + Why we have a gym! March 11th, 2018

Hi and welcome to another week,

Thanks so much to everyone who came along and trained with us last week.  We really do appreciate the support and whilst I know it is ‘our job’ jumping out of bed for a 4am alarm every day is not easy…you guys make it easy through being so strong and consistent in your support.  Likewise hanging at work and remaining motivated until 9pm is not easy – you guys make it easy by getting to the gym and working so hard.

I am going to carry the above theme on into the blog today – it has been a bit of a week of reflection – but before I do so I do want to give you guys a ‘few’ of the numbers from the recent challenge.

As things stand today 124 people started the challenge and exactly 100 people have weighted in.  I don’t really know how to perceive this – I am happy we got 100 people to the end but would have (obviously) liked to get 123 people to the end.  I know there are a few who haven’t weighed in because they “don’t scan” – that gets us to 103 – and four more who intend to weigh in this week…so I guess that is 107.  I still wanted 123…anyway, there will be an exit survey happening this week and hopefully we can understand what roadblocks prevented nearly 15% of people from finishing.


Total recorded weight loss has been 271kg at an average of 2.7kg per person.  Which is up on last years 2.47kg.  Average body fat % loss has been 2.2% per person…and importantly muscle change was only 5kg TOTAL – or 0.05kg per person – a MASSIVE improvement on the 0.5kg per person loss we saw during both 28-days 2017 AND Summer Slam…so clearly the hypertrophy based program did it’s job!

Further – 17 people lost at least 5kg, 28 people lost at least 4kg (1kg or more per week), 39 people lost at least 3kg and 56 people lost at least 2kg.  So from a pure weight loss result I am exceedingly pleased with the results we have been able to achieve!  I do need to get the post-challenge survey out AND continue to dig into the results a little before finalising the challenge and making sure that when Summer Slam comes around in October ’18 we are 100% ready to go and any issues with this latest challenge have been resolved to maximise the outcome for everyone.

Right.  Onto the topic of the week – which might come across as a bit self serving but I hope everyone knows me enough to know that isn’t the intention.  Regardless, here goes.

There is a lot of background work happening at Round 1 at the moment – most of which I am not really in a position to share.  I wish I was.  At the conclusion of a meeting early last week, one of the guys on the ‘other side of the table’ asked me how long I had been working at the gym together with some basic details of what it involved.  I spoke about how we were quickly approaching our 8th anniversary and talked about the pluses and minuses of being involved in a business that is open from 5am until 9pm weekdays, every weekend AND every public holiday (except Christmas and New Year).

We went back and forth for a bit – talking ins and outs – and he finally said to me “I would just sell it.  You guys seem busy enough – the business must be established…just get rid of it and have a holiday and a sleep in”.

Well…I am not going to lie.  On some level there is a fair bit of appeal to that – particularly just being able to get away for a few days with the family without being stressed about what is happening on Hammond Rd.  Unfortunately – and this is hard to explain to people who don’t own businesses – there is no ‘OFF’ switch and there is ALWAYS something that needs doing.  Work pretty much expands to fill all of the available time in the day and the idea that people actually have ‘ENTIRE’ days off work is something I have been unfamiliar with for a while now.  Which probably isn’t healthy.  But.

If I sell the gym then I am going to regret it.  I know that.  That’s because I am going to be throwing away the best opportunity I am ever going to have to influence people’s lives for the better.  To help them live long, fit, healthy lives where they can actively spend time with their kids and grand-kids and just generally ‘live life’ – not watch as life goes by.  If I don’t have the gym I can’t do that anymore…certainly not on the same level, that’s for sure.

The reason Round 1 exists is written on the walls.  We want to help people change their lives – we want to help them be fit and healthy.  That’s what we want.  If you need help with stuff – reach out to me or one of the coaches.  We WANT to help.  If you have friends who need help – and this isn’t a plea for referrals (though we will happily take them) but rather because I think we have a pretty well proven methodology to help people get back on track…and it takes 45 minutes 3-4 times per week AND a bit of food and alcohol management…and funnily enough, when you get ONE of those things right, the other seems to follow closely behind.  And no matter what you have going on in your life, you can find enough time in your life to commit to that if you WANT TO DO IT.

The gym was created because I wanted to create something where I felt my days were valuable versus a day where I went to meetings and wrote reports that no-one ever read…working to save shareholders a few bucks and making sure some financial systems stayed active 24x7x365 might bring value to some people – but to me it pales in comparison to watching someone improve their fitness and strength and start living happy and active.

Anyway – I am rambling now.

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

See you in the gym,


Reflect. Inspect. Progress. March 5th, 2018

Hi and welcome to another week,

Thanks to everyone who came and trained with us over the past month – as those close Facebook watchers would know, we managed to set a participation record for the month of February…more people completed a class (per day average) than any other month since we opened the gym in 2010.  2nd?  Feb 2017.  3rd?  Feb 2016.  4th?  October 2017.  5th?  Feb 2015.

What do all of those months have in common?  Well – they were challenge months of course…but more than that (‘cos technically every second month is a challenge month) they were the months for either the 28-days Later challenge (started in 2015) or the SUMMER SLAM (2017 was the first year) where we combine training and food in an ‘all out’ push to both lose a couple of kg’s AND lift our strength/conditioning…the challenge I face right now is finding ways to keep everyone as accountable and motivated in March as you all were in February.  Is that even possible?  Does it even matter what I say – does true ‘motivation’ really come from within?  I don’t even know – but I do know that whilst we get a lot of amazing outcomes with the challenge (more on that next week) and we apportion a lot of that to the dietary restrictions, when I look at the attendance numbers at least a portion of those results simply MUST be coming from the extra gym work…right?

Well, honestly…I don’t really know.  Not from ‘here’.  I think if I sat down with you and we talked our way through your outcomes AND your training, I could help you work it out whether what you have been doing – challenge or no challenge by the way – has been effective or in-effective.  Well I hope I could.  And you know what else?  I think if you sat back and had a really good think about things, you could actually work out what things have been effective for you over the past month/3-months/6-months/6-years!  And if you aren’t confident you would get the right answer, could I maybe suggest you think about the ‘Reflect – Inspect – Progress’ method of doing exactly that.

Before I keep going, I think I need to credit Brett Bartholomew and his awesome book ‘Conscious Coaching’.  The only issue with Bartholomew’s book is I have been using this little ‘Reflect – Inspect – Progress’ thing for a couple of years now and had totally forgotten where I got it from…trying to find the book in order to credit him today was a right pain in the bum!

With ‘Reflect – Inspect – Progress’ it is a pretty simple 3-step process that enables you to ‘take ownership’ of your own outcomes AND the plan to move forward.  It starts with ‘Reflection’  and that is all about ‘questioning’ – not questioning WHAT you did, but questioning what motivated you to get involved in the first place!

Now in his book Bartholomew talks about ‘REFLECT’ as reflecting on your life and the ‘key events’ that have made you who you are/have shaped you as a person.  Which is of course an awesome thing to do but that hasn’t been what I have been doing – I have been using it as a trigger to think ‘ON’ recent events/processes…particularly relating to the ‘WHYS’.  What was I doing and WHY.  How did I approach it and WHY.  This isn’t the time for assessing outcomes, but it is the time to be honest about your motivation.  If I drag it back to the challenge, it is important to acknowledge the REAL reason you participated – it might be to support the gym, it might be because you love that communal feeling participating brings, it might have been simply because you wanted to jump start some weight loss.  The only wrong answer is one that isn’t HONEST as that will make the next part almost IMPOSSIBLE.

After ‘REFLECT’ comes inspect.  At this time you look at the outcomes of the reflection process AND the outcomes of the activity side-by-side…hopefully at this time you can start to really see where things have either gone right (or wrong) during the period in question.  For example, if you were participating in the challenge primarily because one of your friends was – perhaps that is a good reason why the results you achieved weren’t QUITE what you thought they might have been.  Or MAYBE your entire goal was based on weight loss – and at the end you found you hadn’t lost much fat but muscle had dropped and weight loss was marginal – perhaps you were TOO strict on yourself with regards food intake.

Next (and last) comes PROGRESS.   I don’t want to say it is the most important step – after all, it isn’t possible to ‘PROGRESS’ if you haven’t gone through the ‘Reflect’ and ‘Inspect’ processes, BUT this is where you identify the next phase, where you figure out how to grow!  It is possible that you will need some help with this stage – none of us have unlimited skills and abilities in every part of life that enables us to develop an action plan..  You have been honest about the motivation, you have reviewed the process…but the results don’t match the effort!  When it is time for the PROGRESS step, that might be the time to get a bit of help from someone else – after all, all of the reflection and review in the world isn’t worth a thing if you don’t use that information to figure out the right NEXT step.

So that’s how to do it.  Reflect.  Inspect.  Progress.  And if you need help, ask for it…creating an action plan that WORKS is the only thing you want from this process!

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

See you in the gym,