Showdown Wrap, Elevator Challenge, 39-Things! May 1st, 2016

Hi and welcome to another week,

Thanks to everyone who supported our sessions in the gym last week.  Very excited to say that we have recorded our busiest ever April on record from an attendance perspective…we actually had more members back in April 2014 and April 2015 but more numbers in the gym this year.  Now whilst that sounds like a terrible business model (more clients, less money!) in many ways it really does represent what we hope to achieve with Round 1 – clients who actually USE the gym and improving their health/fitness because of it.

Today’s spiel is all about today’s Round 1 Showdown event – our first ever in-house fitness competition.  We appreciate the understanding everyone showed us with a couple of regular Sunday classes being canned to enable the event to proceed – we hate cancelling classes (and did put on an extra one at 7:15am to try and lessen the blow!) but if we want to try and do some of this ‘different’ stuff we are slowly coming to the realisation that every now and then we might have to do it (cancel a class or two).  Rest assured it wont be every week – or even every month – but for us to effectively run special events such as today’s ‘Showdown’ and even the summer-time beach workouts, we might need to drop a session or two to make sure those events run as well as they possibly can.  Remember, to stay informed about events at the gym, check your emails (though I try not to SPAM you I always send out details about timetable changes!) or just LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook group

Anyway – onto the showdown and what a great day it was for everyone – competitors and spectators. The atmosphere, the athlete’s energy and spectators support was unbelievable – it was really quite inspiring to see so many people cheering on not just one athlete, but everyone…not a single person missed a rep due to lack of support from the crowd, that is for sure. The event itself kicked off at 10am and we had 35 athletes competed against each other in 4 different workouts. The workouts consisted of exercises that all Round 1 members will be familiar with – there were mini-sleds, burpees, assault bikes, wall balls, rowers, kettlebell thrusters, pushups, bin runs – a bit of everything really to try and make it as ‘fair’ as possible for every competitor.  After every workout was complete, we awarded points to each competitor based on where they finished in the field (100 for first, 90 for second, etc) and when the day was done this is how the two leaderboards looked:

The Girls:

3rd Lauren Miller (310 Points)

2nd Diane Price (340 Points)

1st Sheena Bidois (360 Points)


3rd Cameron Gessner  (315 Points)

2nd Marvin Dressels (335 Points)

1st Mark Weber (360 Points)

 Whilst all congratulations (of course) go to the winners, it is important to remember that the idea behind the ‘Showdown’ wasn’t so we could out who ‘the fittest’ guy/girl in the gym is, but rather to help people push themselves just a little bit further than they normally would in a class – to get them to understand just how hard they CAN go and maybe inspire them to find that level during their ‘normal’ gym routine.  Then of course, the increased effort and intensity they are able to reach will (undoubtedly) help push everyone around them just a little bit further.  The showdown was made to not so you could beat the person next to you but so that you could test your own limits. We figured doing this in your regular gym environment – surrounded by your friends – would be the best environment to do this and hence the Showdown was born!

Many thanks need to be given for the success of the day.  To the athletes first you guys were all amazing and again left all of us who work at the gym looking on in amazement.  Some of the efforts we saw today – particularly to just ‘keep going’ after you were completely spent – really were incredible.  We have acknowledged the winners above, but a few other people also caught our attention at different times throughout the day:

Boris Pacey- Boris was our most seasoned veteran but didn’t let that get in his way and put in 100% the whole day. It was really great to see him out there fighting on and a top 10 finish in workout 2 was a great reward for effort.

Jem Williamson- Another athlete who put in 100% especially in workout 3 where she hammered out 61 calories on the assault bike placing her 1st overall in that workout.

Aaron Thomas- Even though the going got tough for Aaron during the first workout, he still managed to push through and had completed as many reps as possible until the last second every time. Hats off to Aaron for the persistence and resilience he showed during workout 3 when he looked completely ‘done’ but somehow still got himself on the assault bike and cranked out a few calories in each of the three sets.

Amy Barlow – Amy was inspiring to watch throughout the day – just head down, working hard – and got a great reward for effort in the last workout when she put the after-burners on and won her heat.  Rest assured I will be looking for some faster than normal burpees during her regular 7am boxing sessions!

To our helpers on the day, thanks to:

Josip Smolic for being our ‘6th’ judge and making sure everyone’s times/reps were faithfully recorded – we couldn’t have done it without you mate.

Leigh Moore (apron and all!) and Ben Visser for manning the bbq and making sure that everyone had enough to eat in between workouts.  They did a great job and the sausage sizzle was amazing!

Claire Zappa for getting along and taking everyone’s photo throughout the whole day – Claire also organised the microphone and the coffee truck to come down.

To the Round 1 team, special thanks to Sarah for going above and beyond and organising all of the athletes showbags (how cool were they!) and the prize packs.  Thanks to Elie for ‘running point’ as organiser/manager of the day and of course to Kirei, Eden, Lloyd and Clancy who all gave up their Sunday’s to judge the competition and make sure it all ran as smoothly as possible.

When’s the next one?  Well – who knows.  If you enjoyed the day – we would love to hear about it.  If you hated it, likewise.  Either email us ( or simply post your feedback to our Facebook group…

See you in the gym,


Gym Update #1 – Elevator Challenge

The Elevator Challenge is now OVER – and congratulations to everyone (especially ME) who finished it.  For anyone and everyone who lived through it, I think we can all agree that the last week was a massive challenge – it actually got to the point where I was staring at the assault bike WAY more concerned about my 60 calorie effort than I was about the idea of completing a 45 minute boxing class.  Part of me keeps saying ‘maybe you should go as hard in the boxing class as you do on the bike’ but I keep telling that part of me to ‘be quiet’.

I loved this challenge – thought it was more than achievable whilst also enforcing a higher level of commitment than I would ‘usually’ adhere too…and like I said, those 60x calorie bike efforts were something else again and I just have to be fitter simply for living through them.

Stay ready for our next challenge ‘The ONE’ which is coming in June.  This is all about improving ONE part of your training and ONE part of your diet for 30 days…it looks pretty cool!

Gym Update #2 – Medium Gloves and Backpacks

Medium gloves are here, new back packs are here…everything is here.  If we owe you stuff, please let us know next time you are in the gym.

Gym Update #3 – Ski Ergs

The Ski-Ergs are ‘sorta’ on the way.  There is a bit of a back log of orders on these and it is looking like another month from now until they are in the gym and installed…I am sure once we get them I will be wishing that we never did…in the meantime, I just wish they had already arrived!

Gym Update #4 – New 5kg Plates

Power rack/Body Work/Tanks people will know by now there are a heap of new 5kg bumper plates in the gym.  Remember please that the 5kg plates are NOT designed to be dropped (for that matter, please don’t drop the bigger plates from shoulder height or above) so PLEASE look after them.  Whilst I am happy to spend the money on equipment, I would really prefer to get $1000 worth of NEW and COOL and EXCITING stuff rather than just replacing gear that has been broken through mis-use.  Respect the gear everyone!

Footy Tips and DreamTeam

An up and down week in Dream Team – there were no really ‘high’ scores (and no really low ones either – except for me of course!) and a whole heap of close games (again, except my one of course where I went down in flames!).  Special congratulations go to Brett and Lloyd who broke the 2100 point barrier for the week…not the greatest score I guess but given results of the weekend (in our league at least), pretty solid efforts!

Over in the tipping contest, Jo Brown and Matt Foti both led the way this week with 8 winners – Jo missed out on Port Adelaide (lord only knows why she tipped the Tigers!) and Matt picked Melbourne to beat the Saints.  Our overall leader is still Christine Rafferty who is holding a 1-point lead over Dani Elsum on 40 points.

Link of the week

Here is a cool little story from Sarah Fragoso covering ‘ALL’ the things she learned during her 30’s.  A lot of this doesn’t mean much to me (I am a boy and I have zero tattoos) but a lot did…

Life without a mobile phone, Round 1 Showdown, Hannibal the King April 17th, 2016

Hi and welcome to another week,

Loved the classes last week – in particular that session of 90-second rounds on Friday.  It was such a great challenge and I really felt that there was pretty much ZERO rest and no-where to hide for the full 45-minutes of the class.  It is funny really – we haven’t done 90-second rounds for ages because everyone was telling me that they were ‘too easy’…we have now done them twice in three weeks and both sessions have been super challenging.  I’m not sure how these things work really – the last couple of 90 second rounds we have done were fairly similar to the last lot…yet once they were ‘too easy’ and now they feel like an amazing challenge.  I guess that really does prove the old adage – it doesn’t matter what is in the class – the person most responsible for the benefits of the session is the person DOING the workout.

As a few people out there might know, I was without a mobile phone for just on ten days – most of last week and half of the week before.  Whenever I told someone about this they seemed horrified…I am here to tell you that it really wasn’t that bad…and actually had quite a bit to recommend it.

The downside was – of course – that just staying in touch with friends and family became a bit of a challenge.  I am not home a lot so just being able to call and say ‘hi’ is important – it is nice for the kids to know I am alive at least once each day.  I also have been trying to use any ‘driving time’ (back and forth to footy etc) to make calls and touch base with people I might not have had the chance to speak with recently…it has been a good initiative and letting it slip was not good.  Other downsides?  Well – not a lot really.  I do use my phone to take/post videos of all things Round 1 and I guess that’s important…but when I realised I hadn’t been doing that I grabbed one of the iPAD’s from the gym and did it that way instead!  Using iMessage I still got most of the messages sent to me – but there were a couple of important ones that didn’t come through and I ended up wasting a few hours driving to a meeting/waiting for someone who simply was not coming and had tried pretty hard to let me know exactly that!

There were a few upsides though.  First off, when I was sitting down to eat a meal, I spent the time either ‘thinking’ or I had a look at a paper rather than whatever social media goings on there might have been.  I wasn’t distracted from work by a message (sms, facebook, whatever) and found that generally speaking I got my work ‘done’ just a little bit more efficiently.  When I watched TV or played my guitar there was no ‘social media’ distractions and this really helped me use those times to ‘relax’ a little more than I feel I have been able to do so in like, forever.  Like I said, I still needed to access FaceBook and InstaGram for work stuff – but since I had to do this from my laptop or iPad, it was a decision I had to make…go to the website using my browser rather than seeing a notification on my phone and automatically ‘clicking’ on it.  Same result at the end of the day (I did see/manage the notifications) but I did it on my timetable rather than the one that was set for me.

In short my week or so without a mobile was a pretty good experience on so many levels – and made me realise that I have become one of those people who often check their phones for messages even when it doesn’t beep/vibrate/whatever it does.  It made me realise that if I need to turn it off to focus on something (or at the very least, put it on silent and stick it in my bag/drawer for a while) that not only will the world not end, but my day will be more productive which will mean I have more time available for the non-work stuff I like to do – like getting an occasional session in the gym maybe!

Remember that – phone or no-phone – the important things in life are always happening right in front of you…that’s whether it is work, spending time with your family or that barbell that simply isn’t going to lift itself.  If you have the chance to turn your phone off/put it away you might find – just like I did – that not having constant access to your phone actually makes you a happier, MORE productive person.  And that can only help in every part of your life.

See you in the gym,


p.s.  If you are keen on entering our first ever in-house fitness competition, it is being held on Sunday May 1st.  Please sign up at the following link (Round 1 Showdown) if you are keen – the cost for the day is $30 and all participants will receive a show-bag of goodies to mark the occasion.  We will also be cooking a few sausages during the day and would love to have a few spectators along…speak to any of the trainers if you are keen for more info!

Gym Update #1 – Elevator Challenge

The next challenge is well underway – we are now half-way through the April 2016 Elevator Challenge and should have knocked out eight classes plus all of our sets of both 30 AND 40 when it comes to the extras.  I personally found the ‘step-up’ from 30-calories to 40-calories for each of the cardio efforts a huge challenge during week two (2) – the idea of having to do 50-calories this week is not one that is exciting me (and don’t mention the 60-calorie stuff in week 4).

On a bit of a side note, our unique t-shirts for the challenge have arrived and we will be trying to hand these out over the next few days…if you are owed one then be sure to speak up!

Gym Update #2 – Medium Gloves and Backpacks

So a bit of an update on the gear that we are all waiting on.  The first part of the gloves order has been shipped and I am hoping that we will again have medium size bag mitts in the gym again towards the end of this week.  Back-packs are a bit of a different story and it looks like they will be ANOTHER week away on top of that…apologies but each time we change the design (and we like to do this every 12-months or so because not everyone wants the same ‘style’ of bag)  it seems to throw a bit of a spanner in the works in terms of delivery time-frames.

Gym Update #3 – Ski Ergs

The Ski-Ergs are ‘sorta’ on the way.  There is a bit of a back log of orders on these and it is looking like another month from now until they are in the gym and installed…I am sure once we get them I will be wishing that we never did…in the meantime, I just wish they had already arrived!

Footy Tips and DreamTeam

As promised last week, the weekly tipping and DreamTeam results will be back in the blog starting this week!  So here goes:

This week’s tipping contest saw a clear win by Alex Gowland who selected 8 out of 9 winners (only getting the result of the Q-clash wrong).  There were a heap of people on 7 correct tips (by a heap, I mean 20+) with most of them missing on the Q-Clash AND the Collingwood vs Melbourne result.

Over in the Dream Team it was a very low scoring week with no-one topping the normal ‘pass mark’ of 2000 points.  High score was recorded by Daniel (Woosha’s Pharmaceuticals) who managed 1954 points.  Four (4) weeks into the season, Kim D has assumed his usual spot atop the Round 1 ladder and is the only undefeated team at this early stage.

Link of the week

Here’s a bit of Hannibal now that we have our Monkey Bars!

Guest Blog: Eden’s “Can of Pringles” April 10th, 2016

Hi Everyone.

There is a nice change in this weeks blog…I haven’t written it.  I KNOW that this is a nice change for me and I am pretty sure it is also a nice change for each of you guys!  Eden is away and was inspired enough by his long distance plane trip (he is in Canada) to put pen to paper (fingers to iPad).  Before I hand it over to him, just let me say a couple of things:

1/.  Thanks to everyone for all of the emails/posts etc following last weeks blog about our 6-year anniversary and how Round 1 was conceived.  It means a lot.

2/.  Well done to everyone who has slogged their way through week 1 of the April Elevator challenge.  In week two – which starts tomorrow – all of your ‘EXTRAS’ go from 30 reps to 40 reps…so get excited about that.  An email has gone to the April Challenge crew about t-shirts and specifically sizes so please have a check and respond back to me!  Pretty please ‘cos I want to get this finalised this week!

3/.  Apologies to everyone who is waiting on back-packs as part of their membership packs.  We have (what seems to be!) a pretty cool new bag on the way but sometimes to change takes a bit of EXTRA time!

Anyway, there is a ‘Link of the Week’ at the end of the column, but in between here and there it is all about Eden!

Guest Blog from Eden – ‘Can of Pringles’

By Eden Mayer

It’s the final leg of the 26 hours of travel.. “Flight number UA5199 San Fransisco to Calgary is 30 minutes delayed” is being called over PA system. This is when things get hard. You’re exhausted, hungry and agitated and the idea of a chocolate bar or a bag of chips seems like a very good idea at this stage.  Temptation was definitely creeping in and if not for my preparation these flights would have been completely different. I had a ziplock bag of raw almonds, few protein bars, a banana and two apples that got me through my first 14 hour long haul flight into LAX (including the 2 in flight meals). When it comes to long haul flying, or anytime I fly to be honest, I find it always best to request an allergy free meal. No gluten. You might not be celiac or sensitive to it but I’ll tell you what you will get.  Not only will you receive your food first, it won’t be covered in a ‘sauce’ filled with sugar and flour (gluten). You will receive a dish with rice instead of a bread roll/pasta and you will have a side of fresh cut fruit instead of a chocolate bar or whatever they give on the day. That’s my first lot of advice.
Second is bring a water bottle. Granted you’ll have to empty it every time you go through security but what you’ll be able to do is keep hydrated. When the air host/hostess comes past to give you water, you can fill up your water bottle instead of getting that poor excuse of a little ‘cup’ they give to last you the next few hours. Drink lots of water, not alcohol. Hydration on a plane is so important and without it you will not bounce back from jet lag too easy.
Move around on a long haul. I was up every few hours doing stretches, lunges and Cobras in the galley. Yes people will look at you weird. But when they are hobbling off the plane and limping to collect theirs bags you can look at them weird back.
When you are flying long haul, sleep when you can, as much as you can. Don’t stress about staying awake to get into the ‘right’ time zone early, you’re traveling – you need all the rest you can get.  When you get to your destination, that is when you immediately adjust to the local time zone. Don’t go to sleep if it’s mid morning. A small nap is fine but suck it up and get through the day and you will thank yourself when you wake up the next morning.
Luckily I had time between flights because I needed to restock for the next 2 flights and 10 hours of travel. Remember the exchange rate will hurt in American airports but I’d rather pay a little bit more to get an orange, some natural beef jerky and a protein bar then a can of Pringles and a chocolate bar during the in service flight.  Have fun, and enjoy your travel! I know I am. Remember,
 1. Move around and stretch
 2. Drink lots of water
 3. Eat healthy
 4. Sleep as much as you can
Missing you guys at Round 1! See you all in a week :-)

Link of the Week

I enjoyed this link about the changes in food quantities over the past few decades…for those out there who can remember a time when soft drinks didn’t come in bottle bigger than 1-litre – and that 1lt was ‘enough’ for a family of 4 – I am sure that you will also relate to the points being made.

Round One Fitness is SIX (and this is where it started), Anniversary Special! April 3rd, 2016

Hi and welcome to another week,

Straight into it today.  As of this week Round One Fitness has been operating for SIX years.  Things have changed quite a lot in the gym in that time but what hasn’t changed is how things started.  I thought about making this weeks’ blog all about what ‘USED’ to happen in our classes, how we used to get maybe three (3) people to a 6am class (there was never even a thought of running one at 5am), how from the time those 3 people left the gym at 6:45am until 5pm (again, no 4pm class back then!) we would be lucky to see a soul walk through the doors – yep, the 7am class, 9am class (it moved to 9:15am a bit later), 12pm and 1pm class were scheduled but no-one actually came along – before being flooded by about ten (10) people at both 5pm and 6pm…times have surely changed!  As this is an anniversary though I figured it might be time to write down how the gym actually came to be…

I feel like I have told this story one million times but cannot find it written down anywhere…if I have I apologise but I feel like all of this is ‘newly written down’.  Broad strokes though, what follows here is pretty much as I recall it all happening (though Vanessa probably remembers it all better than I do).  Back in 2007 Vanessa and I were living in Melbourne  – I still had my I.T career going along and she was studying education at Murdoch via correspondence.  So we were truthfully living different lives to the ones we do now – in many ways diametrically different.  My role was a global one so – either good news or bad news depending on your perspective, most weeks I was spending time in Sydney or Canberra and was making pretty regular trips to various spots around the world ranging from Singapore to Budapest to Austin to London.  Just reading the names of those cities I am sure you can appreciate some of the work hours that were happening in my life – conference calls at all hours, interrupted sleep, bad food, too much alcohol…all of that was going on.

Things were great in that I had a pretty interesting and exciting job that was allowing me to travel and see the world.  Things were bad in that stress was super high, I was often away from my family and – even when I was home, it is not an exaggeration to say that our ‘real’ friends and family (with no disrespect intended to our surrogate family and all of our friends in Melbourne who were all incredibly welcoming!) were back in Perth…so when I was away, Vanessa was home with 3x kids (all much younger than they are now), zero support from me and no real ‘support network’.

Personally, whenever I stepped on the scales (or simply looked in the mirror) the numbers/image I saw did not make me happy.  I had always been pretty fit and strong growing up but had really done this through sport rather than ‘gym’ -  to keep fit post sport I guess I used to run occasionally but really didn’t have great habits in my life…and I used to tell myself that with the hours I worked it was ‘too hard’ to get into a routine.  Besides, I couldn’t commit to the gym after work – after all, there was a footy team that needed coaching and meetings that always seemed to run late and project deadlines that had to be hit – and after finishing work late followed by a couple of beers after dinner, training before work was just too hard (‘cos how can you be at the gym at 6am when you aren’t getting into bed till 11:30pm and then because of stress and alcohol and bad food aren’t really sleeping that well anyway?).

Anyway, it is 2007 and all of this stuff you just read about is going on and I make the decision to try and get into a little bit of shape.  And I used to box as a kid so I find the nearest boxing gym and roll up and start training a couple of sessions per week – the sessions are 30 minutes long and I am unfit and fried in 10 minutes flat but somehow I keep heading along and start to look a bit better but more importantly feel a bit better.  And as I keep going, I find that hitting something as hard as I can actually makes me a happier person (yep, not to make you ‘happier’ I can hear everyone saying!) and I because of the exercise I become a bit more effective at work and start sleeping a little bit better…start feeling better really.

So after a while I start talking to the owner of the gym a little bit about how he set it up (which for those who remember the old days is a lot like the way Round 1 used to work day 1 – exceptions being the addition of dedicated strength and bike/rowing stations) and in my down time started working on a business plan that would ‘one day’ enable me to leave the I.T Industry specifically and corporate life in general to do something ‘different’ – hopefully something a bit ‘smaller’ but something where I might get some real satisfaction from a work day spent trying to make an impact on other people.  So I am getting to the gym a few times each week and writing what would become an overly complicated business plan and all of this was helping me (a lot) in terms of my health and my stress levels.  Work still wasn’t great though and I guess I had reached that unfortunate point in my career where I felt that every day was just becoming more frustrating than the day before – less resources (both people and money) available to achieve continually more aggressive timeframes and a world where there was always time to add another level of rigour to the ‘process’ but not enough time to ensure that problems were being solved rather than just patched over in order to get some ‘green lights’ on a status report.  If that sounds familiar to anyone out there then I am really sorry you are living through what I lived through.  Regardless, all of this made me more determined to make a bit of change so the business plan kept getting refined and I kept slowly creeping forwards towards my goal of opening a gym.

Now, as it turned out, it took nearly four (4) years work to make all of that happen (and relocating from Melbourne back to Perth, and changing I.T jobs another couple of times etc) before the doors of the gym were finally opened.  Not all of it has been smooth sailing – in fact, in many ways every day, week and month feels like a new battle of sorts and there are always things we need to be doing better (and we appreciate it when we have people TELL US about those things) but all up I think those original goals that Vanessa and I had – to set up a business that helps people and allows both me and my staff to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients – has been at the heart of everything we have tried to do (even if we haven’t got everything right, every step of the way).  And if you really want you can also give a big tick to the other, less publicised goal of having a business that doubles as an enormous man cave designed to support my own personal mid-life crisis…but please don’t tell Vanessa.

That’s it – thanks to everyone who has supported Round One Fitness over the last six years and here’s to six more!

See you in the gym,


p.s.  Last chance for April Challenge sign-ups – it closes WEDNESDAY (‘cos that is the last day you can enter and still complete the requisite 4x classes in week#1):

Gym Update #1 – SIX YEAR Special

As mentioned above, as of this week (well, late last week but let’s not quibble over details) Round One Fitness is turning six years old this week.  To celebrate we have a special on our 12-month membership that we all think is pretty cool…and we have stuck with the number ‘SIX’ for our theme.

Here it is:

12 months membership – One time payment of $666.  That is a saving of $114 on the current 12-month rate (or a touch under 15%).  That’s it – 12-months, $666 with no more to pay for unlimited classes (except for Tanks), unlimited gym use, unlimited everything really.  And yes, if you take this offer up you still get your backpack, still get your bag-mitts, still get your hand-wraps, still get your towel…everything you usually get with your 12-month membership you will STILL get!

This is a one week only special and is only available from tomorrow (Monday, April 4th) until next Sunday (April 10th).

Gym Update #1a – SIX YEAR Special for Direct Debit Clients

Our special is (of course!) also available to people who prefer to pay via direct debit and just to keep in with the theme of our anniversary we have decided to keep using the number SIX for these contracts as well.   12-months membership (exactly the way we described it above – all classes (except Tanks), unlimited gym use) for just $66 per month – or a saving of $66 per year.  Unfortunately we can’t keep using the number six when we get to the fortnightly payments but the special will still apply – the price for 12 months membership for $30.50/fortnight).

Again, this is a one week only special and is only available from tomorrow (Monday, April 4th) until next Sunday (April 10th).

Gym Update #2 – April 2016 Elevator Challenge

The next challenge is underway – the April 2016 Elevator Challenge.  Details are as follows:

4x classes per week for each week of April.

3x cardio challenges each week during April.

4x ‘extras’ (they are simple extras!) each week during April.

The number of reps in the ‘extras’ and the number of calories in the cardio increase each week during the month – for example in week 1 there are ’30 reps’ of each exercise to do, ’40 reps’ in week 2 etc etc.  This is where the ‘elevator’ comes from – every week, we go UP!  So if you want to give your training a bit of a kick-along and really re-invigorate things as we head into Autumn, this might be just the thing – the gym challenges keep everyone accountable for getting into the gym and getting their training DONE!

To participate in the challenge, click on this link and choose the option that best suits you:

Option 1:  Participate + T-shirt + Scans.  If you want to have a go at the challenge AND want a unique ‘Elevator’ t-shirt AND want to do before and after body scans (those alone are worth $50) the cost is $30!

Option 2:  Participate.  Participation only is $10.

Option 3:  Participate + one-month membership.  Following on with some feedback from the 28-Days Later challenge, we have included an option whereby people can fully participate in the challenge (including scans and t-shirt) – including access to all classes in the gym for a month – for $99.   This one is really there if you have a buddy who wants to join you in the challenge but who isn’t currently a member of the gym.

Gym Update #3 – Special offer from MOMU homes

One of our newer members – Alvin Dube – works for MOMU homes and has a pretty cool offer for all of us who get along to Round 1.  Now there are some flyers going up in the gym this week but in essence the idea is that if you are thinking about building a house or investing in property, have a chat to Alvin and if you decide to proceed he will give you a choice between a few special offers:

$500 cashback

3 nights/4 days accommodation in Bali.

6 months membership at Round 1 (I like this idea more and more!).

Contact Alvin on 0424697383 or

Link of the week

I enjoyed this:

Strength, Conditioning and Skill, Bringing Friends and Family to the Gym, April Challenge March 27th, 2016

Hi and welcome to another week,

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by getting along to the gym over the past week or so.  The sessions have been pretty cool – really loved the ‘double barbell’ thing last Monday – and energy has been really high.  Our Good Friday session with the escalating Body Weight circuit again confirmed my opinion that these are the single most challenging ‘types’ of classes we run…the Good Friday class also led to the me writing the section below called ‘Bringing Family and Friends to the Gym’ which I hope everyone gets the chance to read.

Just a bit of a quick blog this week (it is Easter Sunday after all!) which is intended to simplify the way you think about your training.

Every week I have people say to me that “I can’t do that” referring to one exercise or another.  What the exercise is that “can’t” be done isn’t really important for the sake of this – we are simply talking about an exercise that has reached the “CAN’T” level in someones mind.

Rather than telling yourself you “CAN’T” do it, it would be worth trying to figure out what it is you might need to do in order to succeed.  And the reason is going to be one of two (well, three, but let’s go with two for the moment) things – you aren’t strong enough to do it OR you are not conditioned enough to enable you to do the activity in question under fatigue.  In other words, the answer is really simple – if you want to do the exercise, you need to be stronger and you need to be fitter.  What part of you in particular needs to be stronger is going to depend on the exercise.

If we use push-ups as the example and you “CANT” do them on your toes, the limiting factor is going to be your chest/triceps AND your core strength.  So if you want to be able to do them, you can work on your chest (do some bench press/floor press/pushups outside of class times or away from the gym) and be sure to work on your ability to stabilise your core – do your bridging, back extensions, supermans, hollow-rocks etc – to build in these areas.  If you want to be able to do more than one, that is where your conditioning comes into play and building that capability within your

If it is pull-ups, the same is going to apply.  We have put together a whole video series on how to do pull-ups so I don’t want to go through all of that here, but the same principles apply as with the push-ups (and any other exercise).  Identify the limiting factors and address them.  It isn’t that you “CAN’T”, it is that you simply can’t do them YET!  With continued effort, focus and development, you will be able too.  If you aren’t strong enough, in what area are you ‘weak’ and how can you address that.  If you aren’t conditioned enough, again, in what area and how can you address that?  It might be as simple as spending 15-minutes on a rower once each week. It might be as hard as taking up a dedicated strength program 3-times each week…without considering what is happening though, you will not be able to move forward.

As for the ‘THIRD’ element – as in, I am strong ‘enough’ and I am conditioned ‘enough’ but I still “CANT”, well, I think we all know the answer to that.  Practice and coaching, coaching and practice.  It is the reason why you see so many of the trainers off at courses, experiencing sessions at other gyms and doing things ‘on their own’ whilst classes are running and the easiest way to stay in shape would be just to jump into the class.  To get better at something there are times when it is all about practicing and perfecting technique – and with somethings it just takes time.  One thing is for sure, if you avoid doing a movement because you “CANT”, then it is likely that you never will.  Have a go – you might be amazed at the outcome.

See you in the gym,


p.s.  Don’t forget to check out the April Challenge – sign up here:

Gym Update #1 – April 2016 Elevator Challenge

The next challenge is up and ready to roll – the April 2016 Elevator Challenge.  Details are as follows:

4x classes per week for each week of April.

3x cardio challenges each week during April.

4x ‘extras’ (they are simple extras!) each week during April.

The number of reps in the ‘extras’ and the number of calories in the cardio increase each week during the month – for example in week 1 there are ’30 reps’ of each exercise to do, ’40 reps’ in week 2 etc etc.  This is where the ‘elevator’ comes from – every week, we go UP!  So if you want to give your training a bit of a kick-along and really re-invigorate things as we head into Autumn, this might be just the thing – the gym challenges keep everyone accountable for getting into the gym and getting their training DONE!

To participate in the challenge, click on this link and choose the option that best suits you:

Option 1:  Participate + T-shirt + Scans.  If you want to have a go at the challenge AND want a unique ‘Elevator’ t-shirt AND want to do before and after body scans (those alone are worth $50) the cost is $30!

Option 2:  Participate.  Participation only is $10.

Option 3:  Participate + one-month membership.  Following on with some feedback from the 28-Days Later challenge, we have included an option whereby people can fully participate in the challenge (including scans and t-shirt) – including access to all classes in the gym for a month – for $99.   This one is really there if you have a buddy who wants to join you in the challenge but who isn’t currently a member of the gym.

Gym Update #2 – Bringing friends and family to the gym

I want to talk quickly about one of the issues we have with managing our classes that is a bit of an uncomfortable subject.  We have been really pushing hard for ‘casuals must book into EVERY class’ over the past six months or so and appreciate those people out there who have been ‘playing by the rules’.  We do seem to struggle every public holiday though (and Friday was a good example) where members bring along friends and family to ‘try it out’ without booking and it ends up being a terrible experience for everyone – member, new client and staff.  The member is unhappy because they promised/encouraged their friend to come along and things aren’t going smoothly (particularly because there is unlikely to be anyone at the desk).  Staff are unhappy because they are in an uncomfortable position of sticking to the rules (must book, must start with Beginners etc) whilst also trying to keep the member/new client happy and allowing them to train.  The new client is unhappy because they feel uncomfortable from the moment they walk in the door…they weren’t aware of the ‘must book’ rule, once the class starts they have no idea what happens next (or what each exercise is, or what happens when the bell rings).  The other clients in the gym end up trying to support the new person through the session – particularly a busy class – as the trainer has 40 other gym users to worry about as well (and most people want to try and help) which means they don’t get the workout/results they otherwise would…it just works out horribly for everyone.

We had a policy on Good Friday where we were not accepting any casual bookings – we knew numbers were going to be high and wanted to keep the sessions reserved for our members.  That isn’t trying to say that we don’t want new people and new members – of course we do – it is just saying that on a day where we are only running three (3) classes we wanted to protect the experience our members would get from the class…making sure there was enough equipment, that they got adequate support from the trainer, that the class ran smoothly.  08:15am in particular did not work this way because we allowed people to come and train who had not been to the gym before – it meant we had to add in extra stations (not ideal) which also delayed the start time to the class.  It meant we had confusion with people not following the ‘circuit’.  It meant we had a couple of people not prepared for the intensity of the session outside heaving in the garden (which no-one wants).

We have a really simple system for new people coming to the gym.  START WITH BEGINNERS.  It means you get a week of free training.  It means you get a gentle introduction to the gym and start understanding what to do when the bell rings, what each type of bag is called, how to adjust the bikes, how to swing a kettlebell (hell – how to do a pushup!) and you can do it all in a pretty relaxed environment where EVERYONE is there to learn/get started.  The 7-day Free Pass program ONLY APPLIES to people starting with Beginners.

Gym Update #3 – The Trouble with the BIKES

So – our continued struggles with the bikes continue to be a struggle!  Just to let everyone know, when the pedal are lose it is not because they haven’t been ‘tightened’.  They have (and are continually being adjusted).  It is because one of two (2) cranks is damaged and therefore not ‘locking’ into position correctly…and therefore pretty much loosening itself over and over again.   

We know what the problem is – but solving it is proving a challenge.  The team at assault bike (who are being pretty helpful) aren’t reporting this issue elsewhere…and there are a couple of gyms around who do ALL of their cardio on an assault bike…in other words, whilst we use them a lot, they also use them a lot at other gyms.

I am not sure where I am going with this.  If a pedal is loose, don’t keep pedalling and then tell us when you jump off – more irreparable damage is being done whilst you ‘finish up’.  Just jump off straight away…

Whilst we continue to seek for a long term solution to the current issues, we will be (over the next couple of weeks anyway) rowing a little more and assault biking a little less.  I hope you understand.

Gym Update #4 – New Gear – Next Steps

As mentioned last week, a heap of new gear has already arrived and been installed this year.  Our current challenges are as follows:

-       Assault bikes spares, repairs and everything else.  We had a batch of spares arrive last week which was kind of helpful – unfortunately not EVERYTHING arrived so we still cannot get two of the bikes functioning.  Please help us keep these going by letting us know when things aren’t working properly rather than just riding them till something ‘falls off’ and then shrugging your shoulders!  If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and you are unsure, let one of the trainers know.

-       Dead ball spares, repairs and everything else.  We are struggling to keep up with demand with the dead-balls (they split) but have found a new supplier who promises a ‘more reliable, long lasting’ product.  In the meantime, please don’t slam the balls on the concrete outside – ever!

-       Ski-Ergs.  I have mentioned these a few times and we are inching ever closer to getting them in.  So everyone knows what I am talking about, please check this video:  Don’t worry, if I manage to squeeze them in it will be as if we are all living the dream, ski-ing around the gym on a pocket of air.  (Or at least that is what I took from the video…looks pretty easy right?).

Link of the week

So, the link of the week this week is a ‘financial review of your gym membership’.  Which sort of makes me laugh a little bit but at the same time it is worth thinking about the REAL costs/benefits of doing things for yourself.

Real costs of your gym membership