Fair weather sailing and the path of most convenience!

Hi and welcome to another week,

Well done to everyone who got through a session (or two, or three, or more!) last week.  I know with everything going on OUT of the gym – kids going back to school etc – finding time to get into the gym can be a real struggle but the sessions were busy so I’m guessing it is a struggle most people WON!

The big thing happening at the gym this week is (of course!!) the kick off our latest 28-Days Later challenge.  Many thanks to everyone for battling the crowds at the weigh-ins over the weekend – unfortunately we only have one Body Scanner and it does take a couple of minutes to get everyone through.  Setting the ‘logistics’ of the scans aside and getting onto the ‘outcomes’ I know when I was doing scans on Saturday more than a couple of people looked at their print-out and shook their heads at the numbers – muttering about ‘Christmas’ and how they wanted to get ‘back on track’.  I have no doubt the same sort of thing played out in the gym today as well with people who registered to scan on Sunday morning.

The positive part is that regardless of what the print-out said, you now have a really clear understanding of what is needed – and more importantly, with the challenge pack – a clear plan as to how you are going to achieve it!  All that remains now is the bit where we all get on with the DOING!

I know I have banged on about the challenge for the past couple of weeks in the blog – and I know that not everyone is doing it – but I do hope you can bear with me as I write a little bit more…the stuff I am writing about today is challenge related I guess but really more about being resilient from day to day more than just talking about the challenge.

When you first start the challenge – or first start at the gym for that matter – there will be the thought in the back of your head that “I can’t wait until this is over and everything goes back to normal”.  You will spend countless moments thinking about the things you are missing (and missing out on) and how HARD it all is…and thinking that sometime soon you will be able to pick your ‘old life’ and old habits back up again.

As the days and weeks of the challenge (or, of your training program!) go by – and importantly, as you just STICK TO IT! – you will really find yourself become a little more resilient.  You will find all of those ‘hardships’ that you had to battle past in the first few days, in the first week or so – and I am talking about both training AND diet – will seem more like speed-bumps than mountains.

Doing the challenge – or alternatively, just persistently sticking to your training program – teaches us that we have in our kitbags a few skills that we rarely use and probably weren’t even aware of.  It teaches us that we are all a bit stronger than we might have thought – and that taking a ‘risk’ or two that you otherwise might not have taken is the only way to really understand that you can do that and still be ok…and the lesson of each success will stay with you well into the future!

I don’t want to speak for you guys, but I do find there are certainly times in my ‘normal’ life (outside of challenges) where I can be a bit of a fair weather sailor.  This doesn’t mean I take the easy way out all the time – but it does mean I have a bit of a tendency to follow the path of – if not least resistance, at least the path of greatest convenience!  Fighting through the challenge and getting to the end is always a great feeling and one that always provides me with a heap of new knowledge about myself!

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to Michael@round1fitness.com.au

See you in the gym,