Another weekly challenge, Thunderstruck!

Hi and welcome to another week,

Hard week of sessions last week – and for anyone who took up the ‘Flat out from the start’ challenge described in last week’s blog, I am sure you probably woke up every morning (as I did) feeling tight and sore and a little bit sorry for yourself.  Isn’t it GREAT!  For me, still feeling muscle soreness after training every day for something like 15 months is just great – I am still doing different things and challenging myself in different ways after all of that time.

But it also reminded me of something – there are still a lot of things that I am not very ‘good’ at.  And, when I am really honest with myself – really honest – it is those things I am not so good at that takes me a little bit longer to get started on (taking gloves off / putting them on is a great excuse) and it is those things that I am not so good at that I cannot seem to keep doing for the full time (after all, my t-shirt must need adjusting or maybe my long hair is in my eyes J ) and it is those things that I am not so good at that I seem to finish doing just BEFORE the bell rings (I mean, I need to get ready for the next round don’t I?!).

I suspect we all have exercises like this – Frog Jumps are the worst for me in case you are wondering – that I hate, and I know I hate, and therefore I never really fully commit too.  I thought a lot about this after finishing the class at 8am on Saturday – I thought I trained really hard, but nagging in the back of my mind was the knowledge that for two (2) lots of two (2) minutes, or two (2) rounds – or basically for nearly 10% of the session, I really didn’t go as hard as I could have (or should have).  And even though we don’t do Frog Jumps all that much (every few weeks or so) over all the classes I have done if I have been cruising through 10% of them…well, where could my training be at if I just pushed what I like and didn’t like to the back of my mind and had a go anyway?

So, that is my challenge to everyone for this week:

  1. KEEP the ‘fast start’ attitude.  Go flat-out from the start, no excuses.
  2. Don’t ‘pick and choose’ your efforts – just focus on each exercise and do it consistently for as long as you need to.  Don’t make excuses to yourself – just grit your teeth and get it done.

Gym Update #1

This week marks a bit of a milestone for me in many ways – for the first time since the gym has opened I will be ‘away’ for an extended period of time.  A month or so back I was gone for 2 nights (away with the WA State U18’s in Darwin) and this time I will be gone for a week – heading off for footy again, this time to Melbourne for the final 2 rounds of this year’s national championships.

The gym will be in good hands when I am away – I have left the guys (Leila, Jason, Sean and Lloyd) with full class plans for the duration of my absence and I am sure they will do a great job in pushing you all to your limit.  To the 6am/7am crew (I have only missed one day of these sessions since the gym opened) I am sure you will appreciate a different face/voice for a few days – for everyone else, you already know the other trainers pretty well and I am sure will agree with me when I say they are really supportive trainers who do a great job.

For anyone interested in the progress of the state side whilst I am away, you can follow the results on the web and the final day’s games (Wednesday July 6th) will be telecast live on Fox Sports 1.

Gym Update #2

The additional 20kg barbells (and rack) will be in the gym ‘very soon’ – this has been a very long delay in getting this gear, but unfortunately we are dependent on equipment availability from our suppliers.

Mid June was the promise, and when I spoke to them last week the equipment had left Melbourne which means we should have it soon!

Gym Update #3

The sale on all of the Round 1 Fitness singlets and the SupaTuff attire (singlets, sleeveless hoodies) will continue until they are all sold out.  As mentioned last week, all of the singlets are available for $10, whilst the hoodies are just $20.  Only available in the sizes on display!

Facebook Highlights

I deliberately ‘wound back’ the Facebook content this week, and was really pleased to see a couple of our trainers jump in with an exercise questionnaire as well as updates on progress during the sessions they took – terrific.  The Facebook group is an easy way to stay up to date with what is happening at Round 1 Fitness and maybe even draw a bit of inspiration from other gym members?

Make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversation.

May Challenge Update

I (and everyone else) have only a couple of days left to break through the 1.8km barrier.  If you haven’t had a go at the Summit trainer, be sure to give it your best shot before June 30th rolls around.  As I have said week after week, if you go at 100% it really will send your training up a level…

How is your training going?

Member Profiles

Another terrific members profile went up today (thanks PB) and I have a few more ‘ready to go’ as soon as I get some photos in.  The profiles add a lot to this website and I hope you all get as much value out of reading them as I do.

As always, if you are interested in doing a profile, please let me know…the more the merrier.

Friends of Round 1

Just a reminder about the terrific offer from Wicked Wiz (check out their great website –  - 10% off all of their candles to any Round 1 Fitness member who drops into their store (it is located in the units right next door to the gym) on a Saturday.

Link of the week

A ‘motivational’ clip this week – a few guys going through their paces to the tune of ‘Thunder Struck’.  Have a look at this if you are having trouble getting out the door to get to the gym – I am sure you will have your car keys in your hand before you know it!

Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

See you in the gym!