12-Days of Christmas Challenge

Hi Everyone,

The 12-days of Christmas challenge is just about to kick off.  If you need details, they are:

  1. Complete 20x classes (PT counts, Tanks counts, Strength counts etc) between the 1st of December and Christmas Day.  You can complete 2-sessions in a day on 3x separate occasions.
  2. Complete the 12-days of Christmas ‘Challenge Circuit’ 12x in the same period.  It consists of:
    • 12x Goblet Squats
    • 11x Barbell Push Press
    • 10x Burpees
    • 9x Walking Lunges
    • 8x Situps
    • 7x Scorpion Pushups
    • 6x Barbell Thrusters
    • 5(00)m row
    • 4x Hindu Pushups
    • 3x Ab Wheel roll-outs
    • 2x Pull-ups
    • 1x Bin Run

There is a video of the workout being completed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2wvhZLRdc&feature=youtu.be

As usual, each class will need to be signed off by a trainer – if you finish, you will get yourself a free Round 1 ‘Get it Done’ t-shirt.  You also have the option of getting an InBody Scan to kick off the challenge for $25 and we will throw in another one at the end of the challenge for no charge…

That’s it – see you in the gym!